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Getting Rid of Entities and Other Negative Energy in the Subconscious Self

Many aspiring hypnotherapists take courses which do not teach how to get rid of negative energy in the subconscious. These negative energies can be entities like dark forces, earthbound spirits, foreign Soul Mind Fragments, self-fragments, curses, or spells. I have dealt with these kind of energies for over 37 years and working on over 6000 clients. If you are a hypnotherapist and want to learn how to do this work, contact me at 770-449-7976 and I will teach you how to do this in six hours. Call and inquire about this course and the cost.


Let Quantum Holistic Healing Set You Free!

I got into Hypnotherapy because I was sick mentally, emotionally, and physically, and I was not getting anywhere with standard allopathic medicine, so I began looking around for a healing modality that would help me. I looked all over the world and found one in the Eastern world that appealed to me.

It is called the Eastern model of disease It is 12,000 years old. In this case, disease means anything not right with you. The model said that all disease, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual is caused by improper functioning of the cells of the body.

Blockage of life force energy to the cell-communities of the body causes the cells to malfunction. The Chinese call the life force energy Chi, the Japanese call this energy KI, the Hindus call it PRANA. All cultures have a name for the synergy. The life force energy comes in on the breath but it is not a constituent of the gases of the air. It is called the life force energy because it is like a current of electricity and behaves like electricity in the body.

When I found the Eastern model, I was 50 years old and suffering from mental emotional and physical problems. So much so, that I was preparing to take my Social Security benefits at age 65 because I didn't think I would live very long after that. I am now 87 and healthy in mind body and spirit. I attribute my health to what I tell you here.

The electrical life force energy Chi comes into the body on an intake breath. It goes into transformers and accumulators which the Hindus call Chakras, of which there are seven major ones. Each of the seven Center on one of the glands of the endocrine system of the body and distributes the Chi through the endocrine system to the cell communities of the body. the Chi which vibrates at the frequency of health causes the cells of the body to also vibrate at the frequency of health and as long as the Chi flows, the cells remain healthy.

The flow of Chi can easily be cut off by negative energy. When this happens, cells can malfunction and disease of mind, body and spirit can arise. The negative energy gets into the body via the subconscious self. It can come from bad things that happened to you in this life or in past lives. It can also come from unresolved internal conflicts, biological carryovers from ancestors and from the attachment of foreign energies like demons, earthbound spirits, Soul Mind Fragments of people living or dead and from the clients own self fragmentation. Negative energy can also come from curses and spells. We can determine if negative energy exists in the client system by measuring the auric energy field. If the energy field is weak, it means that negative energy is blocking the flow of Chi and therefore illness can happen.

The quantum holistic healing system cleanses all negative energy from the body and reprograms the subconscious self's hard drive with positive programs that enhance the flow of Chi to the cell communities of the body. Once this is done, the Chi heals the cell communities that are functioning improperly and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is restored within the client.

The Quantum Holistic Healing System effectively helps people resolve their problems. Based on belief and unconditional self-love, it works with unbelievably remarkable success. After 34 years of practice, working with over eight thousand people and dealing with their High Selves, (the Divinity within) we have a HEALING System THAT WORKS.

The reason why this system is so powerful is because it clears all negative energy from all contaminated layers of consciousness in all dimensions of reality. Then it reprograms the subconscious mind in all dimensions of reality. This is why it is called the Quantum Holistic Healing System.

This System clears all negative energy attachments such as:

  • Demons and Earthbound Spirits
  • Unresolved Internal Conflicts
  • Past Life Traumas Affecting This Lifetime
  • Attachments of Soul-Mind Fragments of People Living and Dead
  • Self-Fragmentation
  • All Other Negative Energy Blocks Including Curses and Spells

After clearing, the Quantum System reprograms the subconscious mind with good programs that enable them to live healthy, happy, secure and powerful lives.

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