Create the Life You Want by Quantum Reprogramming
              and Ridding Yourself of Negative Energy!
                   Life is a Celebration of the JOY of Existence, not a Path of Misery.


Quantum Holistic Healing Sets You Free!

On this website, I'll describe how hypnotherapy can release you from energy blocks that are:

  • causing you to be sick or sad or tense;
  • keeping you from finding the right job for your talents;
  • engaging in destructive behavior;
  • keeping you from achieving your life goals.

You will find information about:

  • My background, so you can know where I am coming from.
  • How Hypnotherapy Releases Energy Blocks and Changes Lives
  • The Energy Concept Of Disease
  • Influence of Spirit (Entity) Attachment
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy, Regression Therapy, including Past Life Regression Therapy and Parts Therapy
  • Remote Clearing of People, Places and Spaces
  • Published articles I have written about Hypnotherapy and Quantum Healing.
  • Case Histories From My Practice
  • Courses I teach



     After God created the world and settled man and woman there, He wanted to place the Truth somewhere in the world where humans would eventually find it, but not before, they attempted to figure it out for themselves. He asked the Archangels for advice.
     One Archangel suggested that the Truth be placed at the top of the highest mountain.
     A second Archangel cautioned that man would quickly crown the highest mountain peak.
     The first Archangel suggested placing the Truth at the bottom of the sea.
     The second Archangel again cautioned that man would soon fathom the deepest ocean.
     Suddenly inspired, the third Archangel enthused "Let's place the Truth deep inside every person. They won't look there for a long, long time."
     And --

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Remote Clearing of negative energy can be done not only on individuals but also on places and spaces.
Places are enclosed areas like homes and factories.
Spaces are unenclosed areas like fields and yards.
Both are very effective and result in extremely positive results.

Negative energy can come from entity attachments, internal conflicts, past life problems, bad things that have happened to you in this life and from negative energy you encounter in the world as you live your life.

Negative energy is just that-- it harms you !!!

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