Create the Life You Want by Quantum Reprogramming
              and Ridding Yourself of Negative Energy!
                   Life is a Celebration of the JOY of Existence, not a Path of Misery.


Published Articles I Have Written About This Healing Work


A Remote Clearing Did It All! Dowsing Rods and You
Creating Your Own Reality Self Hate and Self Love: The Diference is Great
Negative Energy Destroys A Very Successful Quantum Clearing and Reprogramming
Negative Energy Effects Layers of Consciousness
About Reprogramming Depression (Sadness)
Remote Clearings Can Be Miraculous! Remotes Clear Two Layers
Substance Abuse and Fear of Death Remote Clearing Aspects
Terrorism and You and Me Effective Clearing is Always Spiritual
Demons and Death Generational Curses
Anger and a Beautiful Girl Jack's Depression
Burmese Pain Relief Method The Quantum Holistic Healing System
Past Life Regression Therapy Skepticism Past Life Regression Therapy and Spirituality
Cellular Memory Hypnosis and Brain Waves
Curses and Spells Can Mess You Up Parallel Universes: Remote Clearnace on "Darcy"
Remote Clearing Efficacy Cellular Memory and Damage
Remote On A House and Property With Apparitions Remote Clearing of House and Property. How It All Works
Remote Clearing of Places and Spaces Remote Clearing of House and Property. Remote Clearing of House and Property
Remote: Computer Factory Curse Forcing Functions in the Subconscious Mind
Hidden Demon Voices and Love Parallel Universe Effects
Healing With Unconditional Love Remote On A Young Man With Depression and Anger
Remote On A Depressed, Unhappy Young Man Remote Session: Genocide and African Witch Doctors
Remote Clearing of House and Property Remote on a German Man
Remotes Clear The Worst Sin Remote and Private Sessions
Two Remotes For Healing Remote Clearings Are So Cool
Hypnotherapy Sets You Free Remote on an Anorexic Girl
Remote Session On A Woman With An Attached Entity Remote Session on an Addict Son
Remote on "Donna," a Very Troubled Woman Some of What I Learned From Demons, Angels, Other Spirits And God

Who or What Is Your Optimal Self?

2012: Will You Be Ready?

Remote on a Troubled Young Man

Remote Help in Passing

Remote Work:
Hate, and Past Lives
Remote Work:
Earthbound Spirits and a Past Life
Gestalt and Forgiveness Daniel's Problem Helped By Remote Session
Hypnotherapy That Works Is Not a One-Shot Deal Parallel Universes and Health
Remote Clearing on "John" Remote on "Alvaro"
Parallel Universes:
Addiction Remote Work
Parallel Universes:
Porn Addiction Remote Work
Dual Regression Vibrational Energy - Good and Bad
Be The Best You Can Be The Healing Process
Remote Session on a Troubled Girl Remote Anger Management
Heart Scare


Remote Magic Shadows Within
Sexual Addiction and Past Lives Hypnosis: A Powerful Tool in Complementary Cancer Care
Sports Hypnosis
The Therapeutic Process
Love Release Problems Self-Sabotage
The Ultimate Remedy
Your Problem May Belong to...
Give Thanks! FEAR OF DEATH
Spirit Attachments and Hypnotherapy Fear!
Understanding Hypnosis Two Paths
Energy, Entities and Hypnotherapy Have A Little Patience

Hypnotic Remote Clearing and Protection

Long Time Problems
Tough Times

Ancient Pain

Healing Rewards The Hard Way
The Holy Light Within Negative Forcing Functions
Rebirth of An Ancient Miracle Weight Problems and Sweets
Modality For The Millennium Weight Loss Surprise
The Hypnotherapy Therapeutic Process Smoking Cessation and Weight Problems
Healing With Hypnotherapy Sexual Addiction May Not Be Sexual
Comprehensive Hypnotherapy Training
To Be Alone... It's Okay!
Emory Medical School Seminars Women's Men Problems
This Miraculous Work Homosexuality
Who Are the Healers?

Agoraphobia, Fibromyalgia, Depression

Another Beautiful Remote Clearing Gut Problems
Remote Work Leg Problems
Remote Clearing Hypnotic Pain Control
More on Remote Work Coping vs. Healing
Remotes Clear Negative Energy Holiday Blues
Remote Healing Work Thanksgiving
A Safe Place Within
War and Terrorism Effects On Us
Recover Your Real Self The Problem With War
Entities Can Bring Pain Terrorism: Evil Masquerading As Faith
Earthbound Spirit Rescues War and the Ostrich Syndrome
Soul-Mind Fragmentation Katrina and Grief
Demonology 101 Prisons Of The Mind
Curses Energy Therapies
Entity Layers Get Yourself Fixed!
Problem Places Possessed Why Willpower Doesn't Work
Entities and Past Lives Monsters of the Id
Maybe Its The Entity's Problem Do It All Or Get Nothing
Protection Against Entity Attachments Solve The Right Problem
Effect Of Entities On Weight Loss Heal and Improve Everything in Your Life
Finding Your Innate Talents Hypnotic Performance Improvement
Relationship Stress Problems With Blood Pressure and Sleep
Conscious Mind and the Soul Addictions or Entity Attachments?
Ideomotor Response & Automatic Writing Energy, Chi, and Hypnotherapy
Enhance Your Social Life Anxiety And Stress
Past Lives and Spirit Attachment Don't Ever Give Up - My Own Story
Inner Conflict Regression Therapy
Stop Smoking Fatigue
Stress in the Corporate World Teenage Suicide
The Enemy Within Past Life Regression Therapy

     This page features articles, which I wrote for the Aquarius and Oracle magazines in Atlanta about Hypnotherapy and my work. Specific cases are discussed in which I applied what I learned in seeking healing for myself. I applied what I learned for myself to other people who were having difficulties in their lives, and found that many were healed of their problems.
Whether these healings came from my work or not is unimportant. The important thing is that the clients were helped, and that's what I tried to do. Each time I applied something that I learned for myself to someone else and observed what happened to them, I was also healed. I always heard that as you heal, you are healed. I know now that it is true.
     Healing comes from the inside, not from the outside. Many times, I did therapies, which I thought were what were needed and the healing happened. I could say that I did it, but I know better. The divine in the person did it. Our High Selves know what we need and use whatever is there to affect the healing.
     I know that I was just a facilitator, a catalyst to healing. Maybe, not even that, maybe only just a cog in the infinite plan of existence. However, if its just that, then I am grateful to have been available when they needed me.


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