Why Willpower Doesn't Work

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Willpower is like the afterburner of a jet aircraft
-- it only works for a short time!

Many people believe they can solve most of their problems by diligently applying willpower to them. Sometimes, these problems are emotional, mental or physical, and sometimes they just seem to be as though life is against them. They cannot stop smoking, loose weight, get out of debt or resolve a physical or emotional problem they have struggled with for years.

They try willpower, vowing that things will change, recite affirmations ad nauseam, struggle incessantly against the problem and nothing significant permanently happens. If we are the makers of our destiny, why cant we resolve the issue through application of willpower? Isnt willpower our force for change against things we dont like about ourselves? Let me tell you why will power doesnt work for long term solutions and what we have to do if we really want permanent change.

Willpower is a short-term power function of the conscious mind - it is NOT in the subconscious mind. Bad things happening to us result from bad programming in the subconscious, caused by Forcing Functions in the subconscious. Forcing Functions are caused by negative things that happen to us either in this life, a past life, from an external energy attachment (Spirit Entities) or from an internal conflict within ourselves. Unless the Forcing Function is found and released, it keeps imbedding the negative program it created stronger and stronger. Since the subconscious is a bio-computer and must generate our behaviors from the programs within it, no permanent change in behavior or response to life will occur until the negative program is eliminated and a positive program replaces it. Thats just how it works.

Willpower cannot change a bad program if there is a Forcing Function continually reinforcing the bad program. A temporary respite from the negative condition may occur, but the problem will reappear shortly, because you have not solved it, only alleviated it for a time. It is something like taking an anti-depressant if you are depressed. The anti-depressant can modify the brain chemistry so you do not feel the effects of the chemical imbalance causing the depression, but you have not resolved the problem permanently by finding the source of the chemical imbalance, which is the Negative Forcing function. As long as the Negative Forcing Function is there, the depression reappears as soon as you stop taking the anti-depressant.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against anti-depressants because they can provide relief while the search for the Negative Forcing Function goes on, but anti-depressants by themselves dont permanently eradicate the problem. I do not think that constantly using anti-depressants in lieu of eliminating the cause of the depression is the way to go. So, if you have a problem that willpower cant solve, find a good Hypnotherapist, eliminate the problems source, reprogram the subconscious and be done with the difficultybut, be sure that any entities are first removed or the therapy wont work because you cant reach the subconscious self if entities are present.


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