Who Are The Healers,
Not Just The Symptom-Relievers?

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


During the past year, Hypnotherapy and other healing modalities not covered by legislation in the state of Georgia have been under attack by the entrenched licensed practitioners. The reasons voiced by those in power are to protect the people of Georgia from unlicensed practitioners. The powerful ones interpret the term unlicensed as incompetent, unscrupulous and incapable charlatans who cannot help people in distress.

Western Medicine is not traditional medicine. it is Western Medicine. Traditional Medicine includes all the healing arts of body and mind, which have been used by men to help other men in distress since the dawn of time and it has always been holistic in nature. By holistic, I mean that the whole man, mental, physical and spiritual is considered. One of the oldest forms of holistic medicine is Hypnotherapy. Shamans, medicine men, witch doctors, voodoo priests, etc. have used it for ages.

Western Medicine, which I think, includes not only allopathic medicine, but also psychiatry and psychology is a wonder. The whole world admires Western Medicine because of its great technology and understanding the human mind. Nevertheless, this does not mean that there are not other more ancient modalities, which also help people and which are practiced by people trained in themlike Hypnotherapy. Who is to say that the licensed ones know everything about everything and that those who are not trained in their disciplines are charlatans and should be prohibited from practicing their art? Isnt that pretty arrogant, that only they can help?

Last year, Hypnotherapists of Georgia united to persuade the Georgia Senate to kill SB-249, which would have made it illegal to practice for those not having the current license holders training. During this last session of the Georgia General Assembly just ended, SB-249 resurfaced as HB-271 and Hypnotherapists again had to defend against HB-271, which would have prohibited their practice. HB-271 was narrowly defeated, but the power forces then tried to attach it to HB-814, the Acupuncturists Bill, but HB-814 passed without the attachment.

The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) is the oldest, largest and most prestigious Hypnotherapy Certification Body in the world and is represented in all the USA and 44 other countries. The NGH is allied with the National Federation of Hypnotists, OPEIU, Local 104, AFL/CIO. The Georgia Chapter of the NGH assisted by the AFL/CIO led the Georgia defense of Hypnotherapy in the just ended legislative session.

So many people out there need help. Let us come together and help our distressed brothers with all the knowledge and techniques available, using both ancient and modern healing modalities. People should have the freedom to choose the healing modality they believe will help them, because belief is an extremely vital ingredient in the healing equation and healing is what it is all about

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