Weight Problems and Sweets

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Eating lots of sweets, especially chocolate, seems to be a big problem in weight gain and inability to lose weight. In my practice, this appears to happen to women much more than men. Much has been written about the benefits of eating good chocolate, especially dark chocolate, but the problem of eating too many sweets extends to more than just chocolate…it extends to pastries, cookies candies, pies, cakes, sweet beverages, etc. Eating or drinking these high calorie foods and drinks can cause weight gain and problems in reducing weight for those who need to. You can actually become addicted to sweets much like to drugs, because sweets can relieve stress. In my practice, women who are addicted to sweets use them as palliatives to, depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, shame and other negative emotions that cause stress. In men who are addicted to sweets, it appears to be more to beverages like energy drinks and highly sugared coffees and teas.

While these are OK for many, especially young and very active people, they can cause problems for those who have compromised insulin operating systems in the body. I am not a medical doctor so I cannot advise about medical things, but from what I read and hear, diabetes, especially the Type -2 variety, which manifests later in life, is becoming epidemic. For those with Type-1, or juvenile diabetes, sweets have always been a big problem. One of the causes of obesity, even mild obesity, can be caused by addiction to sweets used as medicines to relieve stress.

Medical doctors treat all forms of diabetes with diet and drugs. Psychiatrists and psychologists treat problems with sweet addiction by trying to modify behavior so that the sufferer can cope with his addiction. However, we have to remember why the person is using sugar and that reason is to feel better…to relieve the stresses in their lives. Some of these stresses come from the everyday problems everyone faces in life, like paying taxes, arguments with family or friends, negative situations that come up in life, etc. Some of these stresses also come from negative forcing functions within a person and of which they are unaware.

Negative forcing functions are bad things that happened to us in this or past lives, unresolved internal conflicts, biological carry-overs from ancestors and the attachment of foreign energies. All of these distort the body's energy field and causes blockages to the flow of Life Force energy (chi) to the cell communities of the body. This reduction in the flow of chi causes improper functioning of the cells of the body and this results in disease… mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. All of these produce stress.

Recently, I had two female clients who were both highly addicted to sweets. Both of them had gained a lot of weight from their addictions. One gained nearly 50 pounds and the other over 30 pounds. The 50 pounder had three different earthbound spirits on her, each of which was obese in life and died from diabetes. The 30 pounder had one earthbound spirit on her that had starved to death in a previous life and caused the 30 pounder to over-ate in this life to satisfy the hunger engendered in that life of starvation. Both of these women also had demonic energies attached to them that were orchestrating their destruction by exacerbating the overweight energies, which would ultimately, lead to physical disease and finally death. The earthbound spirits were brought into the women by the demons in both cases because the women were high souls with much light and demons are attracted to people of the light… with a mission to destroy them. By causing these women to counter life's stresses with the soothing effects of sweets, the demons built sweet-dependence into each of them and once addicted… the process of stress - sweets - weight was firmly established and the women were both headed for physical destruction.

I first removed the demons and then the earthbound spirits. Both women remarked how quickly the intense desire for sweets left them. I did some reprogramming on each of the women on how to handle stress by relaxation techniques and created within them a safe place, which they could easily access just by touching a trigger point on their bodies, which took them subconsciously to a place within themselves where they were tranquil, serene, safe and at peace. This is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic- Programming) anchoring technique, which works very well if installed properly. Both women are now doing fine handling stress without excessive sweets and are losing weight at a healthy rate. The neat thing about this is that, unlike most other addictions, the women can now enjoy moderate amounts of sweets without going off the deep end and they are relaxed and at ease while they continue to lose weight in a healthy way.

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