Weight Loss Surprise and Entities

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


I know, from 24 years experience dealing with entities, that if an earthbound spirit (EB) attaches to a person, that person’s subconscious mind will pick up the energy of the EB. When EB’s attach to you, they bring to you the energy of their death, like fear, despair, etc. They also bring to you the negative energy of their lives. Like, if the entity was a smoker or alcoholic or drug addict, you will acquire the energy of the entity’s habit and addiction. If the entity was depressed or had heart disease, or diabetes, or was a compulsive eater or had any other physical or emotional condition, you will acquire the energy of the condition.

I don’t mean that you will get the disease or condition directly, but you will have the energy of the disease or condition in your subconscious. Since the subconscious mind controls our physical and mental states and the subconscious is irrational and incapable of logic, it might, and often does create the negative condition in the person, just because the energy is there. This is why, when I do weight loss or smoking cessation work, I will at first, treat the problem simply as a bad habit and try to resolve the condition inexpensively with direct suggestion hypnosis. If this does not resolve the problem, then I go into the subconscious self and find and release the negative forcing function energy generators, which are supporting the negative programs on the person’s subconscious computer’s hard drive and reprogram them. Doing this, resolves the problem.

John, 46, came to me for help with severe depression, a badly aching back and uncontrollable anger that has been ruining his life. I told him that I couldn’t legally treat any medical or psychological condition because I am not a licensed provider in the state of Georgia, but that I could try to clear his energy meridians by finding and releasing any negative forcing functions that might be in his subconscious and he agreed to this.

I found and released several demons on him that were attracted by his behavior and they, of course, exacerbated his problems because demons seek to destroy anybody with light energy. I also found several earthbound spirits, which are the disembodied consciousnesses of people who had died and not gone to the Light for various reasons. The EB’s were all very depressed and one had a severe rage problem stemming from a lost love. This same entity was killed in an automobile crash, which crushed his back severing his spinal cord. I know these things because I talk to the entities about their deaths and the problems they had in life because this triggers the client’s subconscious to relate the client’s problems to the entity’s problems forming a connection, which is broken when I release the entity. What was very interesting was that all of the attached earthbound sprits had weight problems. They were all fat.

John came back for his third session about three weeks after I completed releasing all of the entities. He said that the aching back was gone and the anger problem and depression were mostly gone, but what was a mystery to him was that he lost twelve pound in the three weeks without doing anything consciously about the weight. He knew that he had a weight problem, but didn’t mention it to me because the other problems were so severe that he didn’t want to take any effort away from these more serious problems to work on the weight problem.

He was ecstatic about the changes in his life from losing the back problem and the emotional problems, but he was especially delighted about the weight loss that was thrown in and which he regarded as a gift because he got it without paying for it directly.

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