by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Over the years many people have come to see me complaining of hearing voices in their head interminably and begging for help. Of course I tell them that I cannot legally treat any condition because I'm not a licensed professional like a medical doctor, psychiatrist psychologists or counselor. My work is spiritual and it finds and releases the energy buried in the subconscious caused by negative forcing functions that block the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body and also install and support negative programs on the subconscious hard drive. This work often produces salubrious results in my clients.

Sometimes the voices are barely discernible and at other times they are loud, persistent, annoying and scary. The voices often interfere with the person's sleep and in severe cases wreck havoc in a person's normal daily life. Most of the time, even after I give people the disclaimer that I do, they ask me to do my work on them because, as they say, "they've tried everything else and nothing has worked for them".

I've been working on clients that have this voice problem for almost 29 years and in most cases I found that the voices are earthbound spirits or soul mind fragments of people, living or dead, which are attached to the client. I uncover and release the entities energy, and the voices just disappear. On the other hand, there is often evidence of demonic attachment, which is frequently at the root of very severe cases. In situations with demons however, it is normally more difficult to get rid of voices because demons are so smart and devious and they know you so well. Because of this, they are able to get at the most integral and private parts of your personality and background and they totally understand how your mind works, particularly, your subconscious mind. The following illustrates a demonic voice attachment case.

About 10 years ago a woman named Lorna, 54 years old and living in England, came to see me for private sessions because she was hearing voices. The voices started about three weeks after her husband's death. She was very much in love with her husband and they had a good marriage. They were both quite religious and spiritual. At first there was just one voice claiming to be her husband and she welcomed that. It made her feel that he was still with her.

About a week later, she began to hear other voices in addition to her husband's. These new voices said they were deceased members of her family, like her parents and other relatives. This continued on and she found it extremely unsettling.

After a while other voices also joined in talking to her. These voices insisted on having sex with her. They wanted her to masturbate while they were talking to her. She refused to do this and they became more and more persistent and she could not get any relief. By this time, with all of the talking going on in her head, she began to feel like she was going crazy. She went to her church and asked for exorcism. The church refused. She went to a psychiatrist and to several psychologists who tried unsuccessfully to help her. The psychiatrist did give her some calming medication but it didn't stop the voices.

She was getting very scared by now and increased her church attendance and also asked for prayer groups to help her. However, she didn't get any relief. The voices continued, becoming louder and more disturbing to her, especially the ones suggesting sexual acts and that's when she called me to see if I could help her. She flew to Atlanta and spent two weeks with me. During this time I thought I had removed the earthbound spirits of her husband and mother, and soul mind fragments of other members of her family, but found out that they were impersonations of these people by demon energies in her trying to confuse both she and me.

Demons will often try to make you think you are working on attached family members, when you really are not. Family members attached to a loved one are more acceptable to the client than are harmful demon energies. All in all, I found and removed 37 demonic energies from Lorna spread over about 10 layers of consciousness. These demons were mimicking her family and were also those who were seeking sex with her.

Demons are attracted to people of the light and their mission is the destruction of that person. Often, the destruction attempt involves sex in some form. I think it is so because in our culture, sex is perceived by many to be associated with evil, especially by religious fundamentalists. It is sad that this is so, because sex can be a beautiful expression of love, which is the energy of God. After I removed the attached energies, she was much better. Lorna went back to England and I didn't hear from her for a couple of months. When I finally heard from her, she said that the voices had returned but were not as bad as when she came to see me.

What was going on with her was that her subconscious mind had gotten into a rut mode from the negative forcing function of the entities that were originally talking to her. The entities were gone. The continuing voices that she thought she heard were not from entities, but rather was the rut mode of the subconscious continuing with the voices. The subconscious will do this because once it begins something; it doesn't want to stop. It's called inertia or the "status quo". The subconscious is irrational and so it doesn't know that it's doing something harmful. It only knows that it wants to continue doing the same thing it has been doing. It gets into this "rut" mode and once established, it takes energy to change it and this is the inertia. It has to do with a thermodynamic principle called the "law of conservation of energy"

I suggested that she do two things. The first thing was to ignore and distract herself from the voices as best she could, and stop thinking about them because focusing on them gives energy to the rut mode. It is like continuing to stroke a guitar string. Every stroke adds energy to the sound and likewise, every time you think about or deal with these entity imprints, you add energy to them and make the rut deeper and more difficult to get rid of.

The second thing I asked her to do was use a technique called the "stop technique". Using this stop technique, she was to shout, "STOP" vigorously whenever she became aware of voices. This technique interrupts the subconscious rut mode and begins to train the subconscious to get out of the rut. She had to use this stop technique assiduously for about six weeks, along with ignoring the voices, and the voices ceased. They have not returned.


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