Vibrational Energy - Good and Bad

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Everything vibrates. All physical systems have mass, spring constants, damping coefficients and moments of inertia, and because they do, every physical system has a resonant natural frequency. Every organ in the body, every cell, every part of our body has a resonant natural frequency, and this resonant natural frequency is a result of the characteristics of the physical system parameters. This natural resonant frequency also has harmonics of the resonant natural frequency, which are usually even multiples of the primary natural frequency.

Physical spring mass systems only vibrate when they are excited by energy. In the body, the energy exciter is a life force energy called Chi by the Chinese, Prana by the Hindus, Ki by the Japanese, KA by the Egyptians, Orgone by the Germans and other names by other cultures. This life force energy is like an electric current. Even though it comes into the body on the breath, it is not a gaseous constituent of the air. It is an energy, which goes into the Energy Accumulators and Transformers, which, in the body are called chakras. There are seven major chakras and each of them is connected to one of the glands of the endocrine system of the body. It is through the endocrine system of the body that this life force energy, Chi, is transmitted to the cell communities of the body. This, Chi, transmits energy at the proper resonant and harmonic frequencies to the physical systems of the body. And as long as the proper vibrational energy is given to the physical systems of the body, the physical systems of the body are in balance and are healthy as long as they vibrate at the energy of the Chi.

The vibrational energy is transmitted to the physical systems of the body, the cells of the body, through space just as a guitar string that is plucked transmits it's plucking frequency it puts out to other receptive physical systems like our ears. This allows us to hear the vibrations of the guitar in our ears. This is pretty much how it works for our bodies.

As long as the physical systems of the body are vibrating in consonance with the vibrational energy of the life force energy, health ensues. When the physical systems of the body's cells, are not in sync with the life force energy frequencies, things are out of balance and we can get sick because the physical systems begin to vibrate at frequencies which are not healthy for them. Actually, destructive to them.

When I was an engineer working on guided missiles and rockets, a very big problem was the reliability of the missile or rocket. Since the missile or rocket was controlled by electronic systems, these systems had to operate flawlessly or the missile or rocket would either crash or blow up. What caused the electronics to malfunction were the vibrational energies transmitted from the missile or rocket engine to the electronic components. The energy coming from the engine was composed of high intensity vibrational energy at random frequencies.

Some of these engine frequencies were at the natural resonant frequency of the electronic components and would amplify the structural stresses of the components to the point where they were overstressed and would break. Since the frequencies were random, the sum total of frequencies produced unbalanced stresses in the components and this could also cause them to break. When these mechanical stresses were coupled with the shock and heat of the engine, which were transmitted to the components, the reliability f the missile or rocket was usually in the 12% - 15% range and this was totally unacceptable.

As engineers, we solved this problem by shock and vibration isolation or damping to protect the components from the destructive energy frequencies and the heat. Over the years we learned how to do this and missile and rocket reliability grew close to 100%. We have to do the same kinds of things to protect the cell communities of the body from destructive frequencies, which come from the negative forcing functions that become buried in the subconscious self and block the flow of Chi to the Cell communities.

We can correct these negative forcing function vibrational energies by applying the proper energy frequency to the physical system. Depending upon the damping coefficients, the masses and the spring constants, we can restore health to the physical systems by applying the proper frequencies to the physical systems, which tend to want to take on their proper healthy vibrational frequencies. The physical systems of the body want to vibrate at their natural resonant frequencies, which produce health because that is the frequency that is consistent with the physical aspects of the system. This is the basis of all energy healing. It is also the basis of hypnotherapy healing, because hypnotherapy restores the proper vibrational frequencies to the physical systems of the body by getting rid of the negative forcing functions that are buried in the subconscious self and that limit the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body and install and support negative programs on the subconscious hard drive.

Only under hypnotherapy can we reach the subconscious self and get rid of the noxious energies caused by the negative forcing functions which are affecting the operation and health of the cell communities of the body. The reason this works is that hypnotherapy is the only modality that allows direct access to the subconscious self and you have to go to the subconscious self where the source of the energy causing the problem is in order to remove it. Once you have removed the negative energy in the subconscious self using hypnotherapy, you can then reprogram the subconscious hard drive with positive programs and they have a good chance of being successful. In addition, getting rid of the negative forcing functioning energy that is buried in the subconscious self-releases the blocks to the flow of life force energy to cell communities of the body. So not only have you reprogramed the subconscious self, but you've restored the flow of life force energy which contains the proper vibrational frequencies to the cell communities of the body. Everything gets in balance now and health results.

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