Practicing and Teaching the Ultimate Remedy

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Between 1981 and 1998, I spent 17 years developing and practicing a system of hypnotherapy that would work for my needs and those of my clients. I studied and researched hypnotherapy as it was practiced by leading members of this profession and also indigenous people's healing techniques all over the country and all over the world and finally came to an understanding and a technology that worked for my clients and for myself. This technology I call the Ultimate Remedy because it seems to resolve most of the problems that plague many human beings.

After I developed the technology and used it in my practice for a number of years, I was asked to teach it to others who wished to employ it in their practices. Many of my students were practicing psychotherapists and many others were new to hypnotherapy. In order to satisfy the needs of new hypnotherapists, I became a certified instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). The Guild's program is a curriculum in cognitive behavioral modification therapy and it contains all of the fundamentals of standard hypnotherapy. These fundamentals are necessary because hypnosis and hypnotherapy are key to the practice of the ultimate remedy. The advanced classes I teach on the heels of the NGH classes provide the more sophisticated tools that the hypnotherapist needs to achieve all the benefits of the ultimate remedy and they are not part of the NGH certification curriculum. I now teach the NGH classes in five weekends, and the advanced classes over four weekends after the NGH classes are complete. I teach the classes once per year.

The ultimate remedy consists of clearing negative energy buried in the subconscious self, reprogramming the subconscious self after the negative energy is cleared and then repairing cellular damage caused by the negative energy in the subconscious self. The negative energy is caused by distortions in the body's energy field resulting from negative forcing functions. Negative forcing functions are bad things that have happened to you in this lifetime or a past lifetime, unresolved internal conflicts, biological carryovers from your ancestors and the attachment of foreign energies. This negative energy blocks the flow of life force energy (chi) to the cells causing the them to degenerate and produce physical disease and it also installs negative programs on the subconscious hard drive which affects our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The oldest extant model of disease on the planet is the eastern model and it is between 4000 and 6000 years old. This model says that all diseases, that is, all the problems we have in life; mental emotional, physical, and spiritual are caused by improper functioning of the cells of the body. To be healthy and function properly, cells of the body require the Life Force Energy which the Chinese call chi, the Japanese call ki, the Egyptians call ka and the Ayurvedics call prana. Other cultures call this energy by other names.

Distortions in the body's energy field caused by negative forcing functions block or inhibit the flow of chi and may be distributed over several layers of consciousness. I can clear only one layer in a single session, so depending on how many blocked layers a client has, more than one session may be required. When you boil it down, the cells begin to degenerate when the life force energy chi is reduced or cut off to the cell communities of the body.

The negative forcing functions also install and support with energy, negative programs on the subconscious hard drive. The integrated summations of the subconscious hard drive programs determine what our behavior is, how we feel and how we respond to life. So, if you want to change any of these, you must change the programs. Because the ultimate remedy finds and releases the buried distortion energy supporting negative subconscious programs before we positively reprogram the subconscious hard drive and also releases blocks to the flow of chi to the cell communities, it heals permanently. Repairing the cells damaged by the negative energy with cellular regeneration therapy completes the healing job.

Because I am not a licensed healthcare provider I cannot treat any medical, mental or emotional condition and I relate this limitation to all my clients. Usually, they want me to try and help them because they have nowhere else to go. Most of my clients have run out of options.

To cite the efficacy of this ultimate remedy, I direct your attention to the following three stories. The three stories are from my practice and obviously the names and other personal details have been changed. The three stories illustrate three different problems of clients that were resolved by using the ultimate remedy. Story One deals with a very serious malignancy, the second story deals with a painful condition of the rectum, and the third story shows how the ultimate remedy helped improve athletic performance.

Story number one: Several years ago a young woman came to see me suffering from severe breast cancer. She had spent the previous five years having allopathic treatment for the condition and had gotten nowhere. She had 14 sessions with me over a period of 18 months resulting in a clean bill of bill of health from her allopathic physicians. The breast cancer was entirely gone and has been gone now for six years. She feels wonderful that she has her life back.

Story number two: a middle-aged man came to see me a number of years ago for very severe bleeding hemorrhoid problems. He struggled with this problem for the past 17 years. He had many kinds of allopathic treatment and yet the condition worsened instead of getting better. Over a period of two years I saw him about 20 times and at the end of this time, the bleeding hemorrhoids had disappeared and have not returned over the past seven years.

Story number three: a young man in good health asked me if I could help him regain his facility in sports. He had been an excellent athlete and had achieved the pinnacle of his promise. All of a sudden he went into a terrible slump and the quality of his game diminished rapidly and greatly. Using the ultimate remedy, I was able to remove the blocks to the flow of chi through his body, reprogram his subconscious mind positively and repair the damage to the cells of his body caused by the negative energy that had caused his chi blocks. Once he was clear and his subconscious was reprogrammed for positive effect, his performance improved dramatically. The last time I saw him, about three years ago, he was still performing at the height of his capability.

In all of these stories, the methodology is the same: The negative forcing function energies are found and released; the subconscious hard drive is reprogrammed and the damaged cell communities are repaired. The technology used for finding and clearing the negative blocking energy depends on which negative forcing function is responsible for the blockages. The reprogramming depends upon what form the negative program on the hard drive had and the cell community damage repair depends upon the extent of the damage.


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