Two Remotes For Healing

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Susan, 57, suffered from a variety of problems such as depression, panic attacks, overweight, thyroid, female, urinary and stomach/ bowel problems and other conditions which she had been unable to resolve after years of allopathic and psychiatric treatment so she called me from the west coast to help her remotely. I told her I can not treat any of her conditions as I was not a licensed practitioner but what I could do was clear some of the negative energy out of her that might be causing some of her symptoms. She agreed and I did two remote clearings on her, about a month apart. After the first remote, she felt a little bit better After the second remote she felt very much improved in all aspects.

Remote 1

I'm able to access two layers of consciousness in a remote session rather than the one layer I can access in a private session because I don't have to contend with interference from the conscious mind. This makes it possible for us to go much deeper than in a private session for clearing.

On the first two layers we found 23 demons distributed throughout her body. The first demon infested her about age 1. Six demons were in her heart, 5 in her kidneys, 3 in her lungs, 2 in her thyroid, 5 in her lower back and 2 in her reproductive system. All demons were attracted by her light and were dedicated to her destruction. They sought to destroy her either through disease, physical mishap or self-inflicted death. The methods the demons use to destroy is to bring in earthbound spirits, soul mind fragments (SMF) of other people living or dead, or use demonic energy to restrict the flow of Chi to the cell communities of the body which ultimately causes physical systems to break down and the person dies. The body cannot be healthy if the life force energy (Chi) is blocked. Chi is the energy of health.

Two soul mind fragments (SMF) of Susan's mother were on her, in Susan's chest cavity. These fragments were formed by anger, disappointment, fear and depression. The SMF of Susan's mother brought these energies to Susan. It was important to release these fragments from Susan not only to release her from her mother's energies, but also for her mother to pass, as she could not enter the light without her fragments.

There was some curse energy from the maternal side of Susan's family. In the early 1700s a curse was bestowed upon the genetic path that Susan chose for this lifetime. The curse was originally set on a female member of Susan's genealogy. Another
woman gave the curse because her husband fathered a girl child with one of Susan's female forbearers. The curse was that every girl child in Susan's forward genetic pathway would live miserably. We released this curse, freeing Susan and her daughter and all other females in Susan's genetic path back to the time of the curse.

All negative forcing functions on these two layers were released. It will take 10 days to repair cell damage caused by the negative energy.

Remote 2: 1 month later

On these other two layers of consciousness there were 14 demons. Their purpose was the same as the other demons, which was Susan's destruction. Five were in her heart, and nine in her spine.

An earthbound spirit named Jack was in Susan's chest. Jack died at age 47 in England in 1748. Jack was unmarried, lonely and desperate, depressed and had tuberculosis, which killed him. Jack left home at 11 and joined a London gang that lived by stealing and killing people. He lived very poorly. Jack joined Susan at age 13.

On this layer Susan had a soul mind fragment of her father and her grandmother. The father's fragment contained anger and hate. The fragment of grandmother contained anger, distrust, fear and shame. All of these energies came to Susan. I removed all of them and sent them back to their source. Her father's fragment entered her at age 4 and her grandmother's at age 14.

On this layer Susan had energy from a previous life. She died in Germany in1941 because her lover cut her throat. Her lover was a jealous Nazi colonel. Susan was Heidi in this life and born in Prussia of wealthy parents. Her father was a general in the German army and her family had a reputation for being in the top military of Germany for centuries. Her natural talent was art and she had several exhibits of her paintings.

Heidi was beautiful and attracted men. She met Nazi Col. Hans in 1940 and they fell in love and planned on marrying. WW-2 started in 1939, and Hans was a leader in that maneuver. He met Heidi in Berlin after the defeat of Poland. She met a German Army general in Frankfurt and was drawn to him because he also was Prussian and knew her family. They had dinner together and Hans found out and thought she was unfaithful so he killed her in a jealous rage.

Attached Earthbound spirits bring the negative energies of their deaths and of their lives to you, and you now own it.

Soul mind fragments bring the energy that created them to you. For instance, sadness, anger or fear can create fragments. Strong negative feelings cause fragmentation.

Past lives are interesting because they are us in another time. Negative energy in that lifetime can be brought to this lifetime. Positive energy also. We get rid of negative energy conduits from past lives to this life so that it doesn't affect you.

The negative forcing functions have ben removed and the restored Chi flow is now repairing cell damage cause by the negative energy that was in these 2 layers. It will take 15 days to repair the damaged cells.


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