Two Paths

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Because I deal with past life negative forcing functions, amongst others, in my work to free suffering people from their afflictions of mind and body, I am often asked how reincarnation works. Past life scars can affect us in this life cutting the flow of Chi through our bodies, just like the other negative forcing functions of: Internal Conflicts, Repressed Memories of This Life, Genetic Effects from our biological ancestors and Attached Foreign Energies.

During our journey from whence we left Source (God) until we finally return to Source, our soul-mind joins with many separate and distinct genetic paths in order to experience growth towards ultimate enlightenment. Our soul-mind is always ours and is the true us, but our physical body during any particular incarnation is only a temporary home for us. It carries the genetic history of the biological line from which it springs along with the strengths and weakness of that particular genetic strain.

After death we meet with our guides and teachers who assist us in determining what life we will next live on our journey to enlightenment. Each life is a learning experience and what we don't learn in one life will have to be learned in another. This is Karmic balancing. For example, if you lack compassion in a life that you should have learned it in, then you will have to learn it in another life -- often the hard way.

My research tells me that once the decision is made to reincarnate into a particular body the soul-mind energy enters the body during the fifth breath at birth. Before that, the fetus is just a biological animal. Once the soul-mind enters the newborn, the divinity of the High Self, which is a part of the soul- mind, makes the person a Child of God and Divine as the High Self is.

The soul-mind energy binds with the energy of the DNA within the biological self and the particular body then becomes and remains until death, intimately connected to the soul-mind dwelling in it. The cells of the body, because of the DNA level binding of energy, adopt and retain throughout the body's physical life, the permanent memory contained in the soul-mind energy. This then becomes the cellular memory of the physical body.

To clear past life scarring from the physical body, past life regression therapy (PLT) must be done to find and release the energy of past life trauma which has been encoded into the cellular memory of the body causing distress to the person. It is important to make sure, before doing PLT, that any attached earthbound spirits or soul-mind fragments of other people are released first, because if they are not, you are finding and releasing the past life energy of the attached entities and not of the client. Therapy must be done on the client's own past lives to relieve him of the scarring effects of past life trauma. All the psychotherapy in the world on the attached entities is not going to help the client. Since many people have foreign energies attached to them and most therapists don't deal with entity attachment, most past life regressions are fairly useless in permanently helping the client.


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