The Healing Process

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


Every method of treating illness works. High tech laboratory tested therapies of Western medicine work… so do the ancient techniques of Eastern medicine. Laser surgery and chemotherapy, crystals, ginseng root and Echinacea, low-fat diets and vitamin mega-doses, as well as the whole armamentarium of New Age medicine such as aromatherapy, music therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, macrobiotics they all work. Every possible decoction of forest and garden, and yes, a rag, a bone, and a hank of hair, has been used to heal and have healed. In the history of the world, there has never been a medicine or treatment that did not heal someone.

How is this possible? What is really going on here? To compound the puzzle, why doesn't a given treatment work on everyone who has the same disease? In addition, if a treatment is effective in Switzerland, why doesn't it work in Swaziland? Moreover, if a treatment worked in 1800, why didn't the identical treatment work in the year 1900? Science always claims to look for the simplest answer, the elegant solution. Is there one that could explain this conundrum?... The truth is that your health is in your mind.

-- From Faith and the Placebo Effect, by Lolette Kuby (Origin Press, 2001)

When you think you are in immanent danger of death, which I always thought I was, you will go for anything that might help you. It was obvious that the doctors and treatments I was using were not helping, so I had to take my life into my own hands and not depend on them anymore to save me. That is when I got into hypnotherapy. However, it was the same here, I could not depend on hypnotherapists to do it for me, I had to take control and learn about it if it was going to help me. That is how my mind works.

This is what I learned about Hypnotherapy and Spirit Releasement in my search to save myself. When I finally realized and accepted the fact that my healing was not going to come from my allopathic doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. My healing had to come from within me, from my own inner self, since I couldn't seem to find it anywhere out there. Maybe, if I could have found a Master like Jesus or Buddha or a Saint to lay their hands on me, it would have been different. But here I was, stuck with illness that was ruining my life, and I didn't have anywhere else to go except within myself and so, that's what I did -- with a lot of help.

I am telling you about what I found out as I searched for something that would allow me to continue to live. I found this beautiful and powerful modality of hypnotherapy that not only healed me, but also allowed me to use what I learned to help others and I am so grateful. Maybe it is God's purpose that I went through what I did, so I could learn from the experience of my own need to not only help myself, but help others. If that's all it is … then it's enough. I did learn - I was helped - and I do help others. Thank you God!

And, thank you to all my wonderful teachers, like Dr. Martin Hart, Gerry Kein, Carl Carpenter, George Baranowski, Rev. Dr. Scot Giles, Dr. Irene Hickman, Dr. Edith Fiore, Dr. Ed. Martin, Dr. Robert Phillips, Dr. Arthur Winkler, Dr. Richard Harte and Dr. William Baldwin, amongst others who taught me what they knew so I could be saved and to save others. I love the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and all the blessed people I have met through the Guild and what I have learned from them. Hypnotherapy has to be the most wonderful healing modality there is. It has allowed me, with the help of other hypnotherapists, to find and pull out the festering problem sources within myself that were destroying me, and reach for the heavens of new knowledge and understanding of how things are and what can be done. I am so grateful!

My Hypnotherapy Healing Model In A Nutshell

This is how I see it. It most likely is not the way other Hypnotherapists see it, but it's how I see it integrating everything that I learned in technology and business with what I was taught about Hypnotherapy and what I learned being in practice for 20 years. I needed to develop a conceptual model of how all this works that would satisfy my technical analytical mind and yet was relatively consistent with what Hypnotherapists believe and teach. The following is my model:

Hypnotherapy heals because it allows the therapist to enter the subconscious mind wherein is buried the negative energy sources causing the illness and release those energies so they no longer can make us sick. I call these negative energy sources Negative Forcing Function (NFF). Once the NFF's are released, the subconscious computer's hard drive can be positively reprogrammed and life changes for the better.

The concept of Forcing Functions comes from the mathematics defining the motion of objects in space subject to external forces. In the real world, an object in space not acted upon by any external force will remain at rest until an external force acts upon it. This is called inertia. If an external force is applied and is then removed, the object will eventually come to rest again because of viscous and coulombic damping (friction). If, however, the external force continues to be applied, the object will remain in motion because energy is being added to the physical system overcoming friction.

If we consider a "bad thing" that happened to us sometime, as the continuing applied force (energy generator) then this "bad" energy is continuing to reinforce the negative program that the "bad thing" installed in our subconscious hard drive. Until we get rid of the "bad thing's" continuing supporting energy, it is fairly useless to try to put a new positive program on the subconscious hard drive and expect it to work against the deeply imbedded and constantly reinforced bad program.

"Bad things" that happened to us in: this life, past lives, negative biological carryovers from our ancestors, unresolved internal conflicts or attached foreign energies cause Negative Forcing Functions. Negative Forcing Functions distort the body's energy field cutting off or reducing the flow of Chi (Life Force Energy) to the body's cell communities and this Chi deprivation causes the body to suffer physically and mentally. The Negative Forcing Functions also install and continuously reinforce negative programs on our subconscious computer's hard drive. The programs in our subconscious computer determine our behavior, how we feel and how we respond to life.

The Negative Forcing Functions can be found under hypnosis and their energy released. Once, you release all the Negative Forcing Functions, the body's energy field is restored to normalcy and physical illness is healed by the restored Chi flow to the cell communities. Now that the Negative Forcing Functions are gone, they no longer support the negative programs they created in the subconscious hard drive and therefore new positive programs can be installed and imbedded under hypnosis and behavior and response to life are changed positively. This is permanent healing.

If you have problems in life, and you want to fet rid of them, then find yourself a good hypnotherapist who know to deal with the negative forcing functions and pay him or her whatever it costs to get clear of your problems. It will be the best investment you have ever made and the dividends are infinite.

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