Terrorism: Evil Masquerading As Faith

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Evil wants to destroy and cause pain, anguish, and suffering,
but it can deceive us into believing it is faith.

Our world was shattered when Islamic suicide bombers flew hi-jacked planes into the Twin Towers, Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field on September 11. Reaction for most was shock, fear and then terrible anger. I know thats how I felt and I still feel it somewhat, especially anger. It has helped that we have driven the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan and we wait for Usama bin Ladens capture. However, the problem of terrorism will not end with his death, or the death of all Al Queda terrorists. For the problem is as old as the planet. It is called evil.

Evil is not confined to Islam any more than it is to Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Shintoism or any other religion. During WW-2, we called the Japanese Shintoists evil and the German Christians evil. We couldnt understand how German Christians could commit the atrocities they did and how Japanese Shinto Kamikaze pilots could fly their planes into Allied ships. All religions, including Islam, teach love and peace and yet men are able to distort the teachings to accomplish evil things. What is happening? Why do men do, in the name of religion, what religion forbids? The answer is again, evil.

Evil is personified as Satan or demons in much of the world. Evil wants to destroy, to cause pain, anguish, suffering and put out the Light of love that is in the heart of every person, for we are all born of love no matter what the circumstances. Each person has within them the Spark of Gods love that created them and this is the most powerful force there is. And, because this force within is so potent, it can make men do anything. Men who are already possessed by demons, are dedicated to the Lights destruction and they know that this force within us, if harnessed to their purpose can make people do anything. So, they distort the love energy to hate, instill fanaticism and use it to control men to do evil in the name of religion.

It is easy to do this. If you can get men to hate, their psychic defense system goes down and they become extremely vulnerable to attachment by demonic energy. Once attached to people, it can and will destroy them because it hides their internal Light. By disguising hate as defending their religion, evil men can get other men to hate and then demonic energies can attach and its all downhill from there.

How do I know this? Every day, under deep trance hypnosis, I talk to demonic energies within suffering people and the demons tell me their purpose, which is destruction. If I can get them to leave, the person is saved, if not, they are destroyed. Thank God, I am mostly successful.


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