Terrorism And You And Me

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Terrorism is rampant in the world today. Beginning with 9/11, this scourge of Muslim extremism has been used to frighten Americans. Terrorism dominates the news. Fear is becoming the leading subject of conversation throughout America as well as the rest of the Western world. The fear is well founded because if these extremists get hold of nuclear weapons, they could start World War III and destroy our beautiful planet.

The fear is very real. Just look at Iran as it forges ahead to build a nuclear weapon. Even while our president was negotiating an arrangement with Iran to limit research and development on nuclear weapons for that country, the Ayatollah, the "Supreme Leader" of the Iranian nation was making public statements encouraging Muslims all over the world, not just the extremists, to kill Americans wherever they can be found. The call by the "Supreme Leader" was not just to kill Westerners, but also specifically to kill Americans. No wonder the average American is frightened. And the extremists are killing Americans; look at what just happened in San Bernardino.

There are only two real emotions, one is love and the other is fear. All other moods are feelings. Humans only have one natural fear and that is the fear of falling. All other fears are taught or come from being in situations that threaten survival. The action of Muslim extremists threatens survival, specifically American survival. Some fears can be protective, like not playing with explosives or playing with matches or jumping off of high places to see if you can survive, but most fears are dark energies and the function of dark energies is to destroy us, literally to kill us.

The extremists are obeying the words of the "Supreme Leader" of Iran, to kill Americans by engendering fear in our people throughout the country. Fear and other dark energies, can get into you because your psychic defense system (Guardian Chi) is down. Our defenses go down because of stress. And, the stress, which knocks down our defense system, has been here since 9/11. Dark energies can kill us, so why shouldn't we be afraid? Since 9/11, we, as a people, have been afraid even if we are brave. Bravery is going ahead and doing it, in spite of the fear. But a lot of people are not brave, because terrorism is something that Americans are not use to.

Fear can destroy us because it is a dark energy and allows other dark energies to get into us by lowering our Guardian Chi psychic defense system. The dark energies can cause physical illness, mental and emotional sickness, and spiritual sickness. The oldest model of disease on the planet, the Eastern model, says that improper functioning of the cells of the body causes all illness. What causes the cells of the body to malfunction is deprivation of the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body. This life force energy is Chi. When it is cut off or deprived, we get sick. Fear and other dark energies cut off Chi flow. This can kill us.

The way out of this sickness situation is to get cleared and reprogrammed by a hypnotherapist. The clearing gets rid of the negative energies, including dark force energies like fear. Once all layers of consciousness within us are clear, we can be reprogrammed to be strong in the face of adversity and the cries of the extremist Muslim community to kill Americans. When we are clear and reprogrammed, we can face the enemy with courage and defeat him.

So, stop being afraid of the Muslim extremists who want to kill you. Instead, get yourself clear and reprogrammed with the confidence of historic American resolve and commitment to destroy evil. We can do this, but we must get clear and free of the fear.

America is the greatest country in the world; we are the lamp in the night of despair. Let us relight this lamp and go forward and free the world by destroying this Muslim extremist scourge.

Then, terrorism will go back to where it should be, in the wastebasket of human history. The hypnotherapist can lead the way by freeing us of the darkness of fear.


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