Stress in the Corporate World

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

A person's ability to handle stress is a function of their inner strength. Inner strength is high if the person is clear of negative forcing functions because the Chi flow through their body is unimpeded and all their physical and mental systems are receiving the vital life force energy.Business spends over $10 billion a year on training programs for its employees, so obviously corporations are concerned about keeping healthy, productive workers. Yet, the national cost figure for stress-induced loss of effectiveness and efficiency is over 150 billion a year. Alcoholism alone costs American society over $15 billion a year- $10 billion for lost work time, $2 billion in health and welfare cost, and over $3 billion in property damage, medical expenses, worker's compensation, and insurance. Abuse of various other drugs costs an additional $15 billion, making a total societal cost of over $30 billion for the effects of chemical dependency.

People in business can encounter two basic types of stressful situations:

          1. The ongoing predictable job stressors, i.e., the problems that arise
               from one's job role and the demands of meeting deadlines
          2. The sudden crisis stressors that come about unexpectedly.

If you are a salesperson, how is this for stress? You work several days to try to meet a client and, when you finally do, he has just bought that product from another company. An even more frustrating situation arises when you have already been working with a customer and, instead of signing the final contract with you; he announces that he has decided to go with another company.

Then there is the possibility of burnout. When employees are burning out, their self-control snaps, and all their pent-up resentments burst in displays that are completely out of character but reveal classic burnout reactions: cynicism, heightened irritability, mistrust of others, and paranoia. These employees have exhausted their physical and mental resources. They have worn themselves out striving to reach some unrealistic expectation imposed by themselves or by society.Management has its own form of stress. Years ago, managers giving orders to subordinates operated businesses. Today, employees trained in modern business practices want to take a more active role in decision-making. Traditional management can feel threatened by external stressors in the form of younger rivals, higher educational levels, and new, unfamiliar techniques. If this were not enough, there is the pressure of meeting deadlines, being caught in the middle, the trials of getting effective follow-through.

Employees have their own problems. Worries about external stressors like inflation and unemployment take their toll. There are the internal stressors that an employee often faces, such as dissatisfaction with the job and troubles with the boss. If you have insecurity issues and most people do, you are concerned about losing your job, whatever the reason.

If you want to survive in the world of work and reach your greatest potential, get yourself clear of all the energy blockers in your body and mind so you can function at your highest level. This is well worth the effort, because when you are clear, you can perform at your best and accomplish your greatest feats. Doing this releases all of your innate talents and you not only become productive, but also relaxed and happy as you conquer the world. So, see a good hypnotherapist and make it all happen in an easy way.


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