Soul-Mind Fragmentation

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


The mind has a survival coping mechanism within it called “disassociation” which it uses to protect ones sanity if one is subject to a traumatic occurrence, which the mind cannot handle. This survival mechanism is a very primitive part of us and causes many problems for many people later in life.

When the mind is “traumatically overstressed”, it creates a sub-personality, frozen in time at the age when the trauma occurred and stuffs the trauma energy, which created it into the sub-personality, submerges the sub-personality into the subconscious mind and the conscious mind is thereafter unaware of it. This disassociated sub-personality is called Soul-Mind Fragmentation (SMF). In the psychiatric and psychological worlds, soul-mind fragments are often called “ego states”. The trauma energy in the SMF is still affecting the person, but he doesn’t know it is there. A lot of “free floating anxiety” is caused by these phenomena.

When the hypnotherapist discovers a person’s own SMF, he does not remove it since it is a part of the person. Instead, the competent hypnotherapist will seek to release the energy within the SMF and integrate the SMF back into the personality.

Children tend to disassociate much more often than adolescents or adults because traumatic happenings that might scare or sadden a child might not deeply affect an older person because of his experience. That is why we tend to find many more “inner children” than we do “inner adolescents” or “inner adults” when we search for soul-mind fragments.

Sometimes, in times of stress, the SMF can jump off and attach to another person. When it does this, it brings the trauma energy within the SMF to the attached person. The attached person now has to deal with the trauma energy within the SMF just as though it were his own energy. The person who lost the SMF is now deprecated because part of his soul is missing and this can cause illness. Native American Shamans go into a vision quest trance and go out into the existence planes and retrieve the SMF, heal it and then return it to the person who lost it and the Indian gets well. This is called soul retrieval.

Sometimes, that person out there self-fragments and his SMF attaches to another person. This is now a foreign attachment to the other person and carries with it all the trauma energy of that person’s disassociation. The competent hypnotherapist must now find the foreign SMF within his client, disengage it, heal it and send it back along the silver cord, which connects it to the person who lost the fragment. The client is now free of the trauma energy in the foreign SMF and the person who lost the SMF is also healed because he receives back the part of his soul which was missing minus the trauma energy which created it because of the healing by the hypnotherapist. You never want to send a SMF back to the person who lost it without first healing it by releasing the trauma energy within it that created it.

Curses are a very ancient method for inflicting bad energy on people, places or things. Curses are a manifestation of Soul Mind Fragmentation (SMF) deliberately caused to affect a negative outcome. In a curse, a SMF is deliberately created by the cursor through the powerful emotions of hate or revenge and deliberately projected onto the cursed person, place or thing. Because of the intent, the SMF usually picks up a demon and the bad energy in the fragment is thereby worsened… exacerbating the damage to the accursed. To heal this condition on the cursed one, the therapist must find the attached SMF, release the Demon and send the SMF back to the cursor. A good hypnotherapist will always heal the SMF before returning it to the cursor.

I often find soul-mind fragments of parents on their children. For instance, the mother might go into frenzy with all of her stresses and disassociate creating a SMF of herself within herself The child, who is scared of the mother’s anger and frenzy will drop it’s Guardian Chi psychic protective shield and the SMF of the mother attaches to the child bringing with it all the trauma energy of the disassociation. The child now has to bear this negative energy and sometimes for the rest of its life. I frequently find soul-mind fragments of parents on their children when the child is a grown up adult of fifty years of age and it is still negatively affecting the person’s life.

You can possess the SMF of dead people as well of alive people. The SMF is formed and transferred when the person was alive, but the person may die and the client can still have it attached to him. When we release the SMF of a dead person, we heal it and send it back to his deprecated soul on the astral level and his soul now becomes complete. This action frequently will release earthbound spirits who may be haunting people or places.

Soul-mind fragment entities are also easily passed between people engaging in sexual intercourse. The openness and surrender of the sex act can lower your Guardian Chi protective system so these entities can easily attach to you… and you are thereafter irrevocably tied to the other person whether you want to be or not. This is why so many divorced people are still tied to their former spouses. The SMF is an entity, just like a demon or earthbound spirit. If you engage in sex with a person who has the SMF of his previous sex partner still attached to him, you can pick up the SMF of the previous partner and all the negativity that goes with it.

Soul-mind fragments, because they are foreign energies (entities) are a negative forcing function just like repressed memories of this life, trauma from past lives, unresolved internal conflicts, biological carry-overs from ancestors and the attachment of other foreign energies. All negative forcing functions distort the body’s energy field and block the flow of chi to the cell communities of the body causing illness in body and/or mind. Negative forcing functions also install their negative programs on the subconscious mind’s virtual hard drive and then energetically support the negative programs. The SMF is a foreign energy, and like other foreign energies distorts the body’s energy field, and blocks the flow of the life–giving chi energy needed by the cell communities of the body for health in mind and body.

The removal and release of the trauma energy in any SMF is of paramount importance to achieving mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. If your therapist neglects this vital negative forcing function, you will not be healed, no matter what else the therapist does

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