The Shadows Within

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Shadows buried deep within the subconscious can cause us to sabotage our own selves. Often this unconscious behavior is termed Self-Sabotage and it is expressed when we do or allow things to harm ourselves. Most of the time we are totally unaware that we are harming ourselves … sometimes we get an inkling that we are doing it and sometimes we are very aware of it, but just don't know what to do about it … how to stop it. Usually we are conscious when things are not going well in our lives … how could we not be? We lose our job, crash the car, fight with our spouse or significant other, make bad investments, physically injure ourselves, go from one destructive relationship into another repeatedly, and god knows what else. We are sick, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually or maybe all of these. Self-sabotage results from the shadows within our subconscious self and these shadows have the power to literally destroy us … ultimately kill us.

Where do these shadows come from and why do they have such terrible power of self-destruction? Overtly, most of us, most of the time, do not want to destroy ourselves. It's called the law of self-preservation or the survival instinct. So, how come these shadows have such power that they can override our survival instinct which is in the subconscious? It's precisely because the shadows are also in the subconscious self and, moreover, because the shadows are supported by powerful energy that they have such tremendous clout. The energy supporting the shadows comes from negative forcing functions in the subconscious self. Negative forcing functions distort the body's energy field and inhibit the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body and also install and support negative programs on our subconscious computer's hard drive. The integrated summation of these programs determines how we behave, how we feel and how we respond to life. This program summation literally defines who we are at any given time.

Unresolved internal conflicts are one of the negative forcing functions and are a common source of self-sabotage. For instance, your dead father, who you loved very much, was uneducated and poor. As his son, you may have an internal conflict, which prevents you from being professionally successful in your life because you don't want to be greater than your father. It is as though you are slapping him in the face by your success compared to his. So, subconsciously, you make yourself fail professionally or lose your money to avoid hurting your father. This kind of conflict hampers women just as well. Other unresolved internal conflicts for other reasons can also act just as destructively. The conflict must be resolved and the only way to do it is under deep trance hypnosis because the conflict is in the unconscious self and the only way into this self is with hypnosis.

Other negative forcing functions can and do destroy our lives even though we are not consciously aware of them. You can have earthbound spirits attached to you and experience the energy of their deaths and the negative energy of their lives. You can have dark force energies (demons) attached to you because you are a person of the Light and demons want to destroy people of the Light, often bringing into Light people earthbound spirits of people who had terrible life problems and you have to bear their destructive energy. You might have soul-mind-fragments (SMF) of other people, living or dead, attached to you that were formed by those peoples mind's dissociative process to protect their sanity while they were under great trauma. The trauma energy that formed the fragments is now in you and you have to put up with all the negativity associated with them. The trauma energy is now yours, just as if the ordeal happened to you. You might have negative energy affecting you from bad things that happened to you when you were a little kid in this life or coming over to you from past lifetimes miseries. All of these negative forcing functions contaminate your present subconscious self and you have to live with this pollution. This contagion also affects the energy you project to others and to life's situations and can attract negative people and conditions into your present life. You don't need this kind of energy distressing you.

How is this self-sabotage? How can these energy shadows destroy your life? The answer is that you have the responsibility to do something about them. When you get dirty, you take a shower and scrub yourself clean so you don't get sick from pathogens in the filth. You do this because it is visible to you. You have just as much responsibility to cleanse yourself of internal shadows, which are the filth of negative forcing functions even though you cannot usually see them. Your indicator of their presence within is your negative feelings and what is going wrong in your life. This tells you that you are dirty inside … infected by energies that can devastate you. If you ignore these message, you do so at your own peril for this internal filth is actually far more damaging to you than the external filth on the surface of your skin.

The only way to cleanse yourself of these shadows is to find a good hypnotherapist who knows how to clear this filth from your subconscious self and reprogram your subconscious computer's hard drive with positive programs. Your hypnotherapist should also know how to repair the damage to the cells of your body caused by the subconscious dirt. Then you are clean and free of the shadows and you can live your life to it's full potential. This how to "defeat the enemy within" and save yourself.


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