Sexual Addiction and Past Lives

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

More women come to me with complaints about the men in their lives who are addicted to sex than men about women, but actually, they are very close together from my experience.

Both men and women can be addicted to sex and when it happens, it can wreck havoc with relationships. It can destroy them. Being addicted to sex can be a good thing if both partners feel the same way, but if not, it can be a big problem. Between two people, their sexual appetites can be much different. Men with voracious sexual appetites paired with a wife or girl friend that doesn't have the same hunger oftentimes seek out other women for gratification. This infidelity can ruin the marriage or relationship. The same can happen if the woman has the big sex appetite and the man has not. The problems that can develop can be religious, depression, feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, guilt and a host of other difficulties ruining the rapport between the partners. This article, however, is not about different appetites, but rather about one possible reason for why people get into this kind of situation and why there is only one way to resolve it. It has to do with past lives.

During my almost 30 years in practice, I have encountered this problem many times. In most cases it has been the man who had the problem, rather than the woman, although the opposite has occurred often also. Let me cite a recent occurrence to put this in perspective and show you how it happens. This happening is, by no means, atypical of many, many other similar happenings and so it illustrates a very common state of affairs that happens.

A strikingly beautiful young sexy woman named Susan calls me to ask for help with her lover, Tony, who is having affairs with many other women and she is distraught about the survivability of their relationship. They have been together for several years and are mutually compatible except for this problem. She knows about the affairs and has confronted her male lover about the problem. He says that he is driven to have the affairs and that something within him is forcing him to act as he is doing. He claims that he loves her deeply, but is powerless to resist the temptations of other women. To further complicate the problem, he seems to subconsciously seek out these illicit affairs in spite of his repeated promises to Susan that he will no longer engage in them.

I saw Tony for a number of sessions and discovered that not only was he infested with demonic energies that were trying to destroy him, but that he had at least three past lifetimes in which he was denied the company of women and that this deprivation energy was coming over to him in this lifetime and causing him to behave illicitly with women he was attracted to. In the three past lifetimes we investigated, Tony was a female nun in a convent in one of them, a male monk in a monastery in another lifetime, and a male prisoner in a dungeon in a third lifetime. In all three of these lifetimes, Tony, whoever he was in those lifetimes, was denied the company of the opposite sex. This energy was coming over to Tony in this lifetime and causing him to unconsciously seek out gratification of those unfulfilled sexual desires from the past lifetimes. The demons in him saw this as an opportunity to destroy him in this lifetime because he is a good person and felt tremendous guilt about his sexual indiscretions. Guilt requires punishment and who punishes us but ourselves. In this self-punishment are the objectives of the demons met in self-destruction.

Once we released the energy coming over from these three lifetimes of enforced celibacy, Tony was released from his tremendous subconscious sexual urges and found happiness with Susan and their relationship was saved and they were happy together without guilt or unfulfilled desire.

This is not unlike other cases I have had with people who stuff themselves with food far beyond their needs and become obese because in past lifetimes, they either starved to death in a death camp or were too poor to satisfy their body's need for nourishment. The same psychodynamic is working in both cases. People who have these kinds of problems should seek out hypnotherapists who understand these dynamics and get cleared of the energies of destruction before they destroy them.


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