by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Many people come to me suffering from self-induced problems in their lives and do not know they are doing it to themselves. The sources of their problems are below the level of conscious awareness. Subconsciously, they are sabotaging themselves. They go to medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and even to hypnotherapists spending huge amounts of money and their problems persist. There is no respite from the agony and they continue to suffer. Sometimes they get some temporary relief, but it does not last and the suffering continues.

Medical doctors and psychiatrists try to help them by prescribing drugs that temporarily alleviate their symptoms. Psychologists try to help them by teaching them how to cope with the symptoms. Many Hypnotherapists, not properly trained, try to help them by simply reprogramming their subconscious minds with positive programs without first releasing the negative forcing functions buried in the subconscious, which energetically reinforce the negative programs. None of these approaches helps the sufferer in the end. Unless the hypnotherapist can find and release the core negative forcing functions, which are the sources of the problems, the problems will just continue unabated.

Quite often, the negative forcing functions causing the problems will be from Self-Sabotaging behavior. A person may be unwilling to face a life-changing situation on the conscious level and will create a subconscious life scenario to bring about the life-changing situation thereby avoiding conscious responsibility for his action. This can be very insidious in that person will suffer the consequences of the life changing action and consciously believe that the action was totally outside of himself and will consciously feel that he is a victim of circumstances. This kind of unconscious behavior can destroy a person and he will never know that he did it to himself.

Edward, 54 years old, came to see me complaining of very severe depression. He had been diagnosed as bipolar and was taking lithium. He had taken many different kinds of antidepressant drugs over the past four years and was only minimally helped. The bipolar diagnosis was new and he had been on lithium for only the past year. Of course, I told him that I could not treat depression or bipolar disorder because I am not a licensed provider and all that I can do is open up the blocks to the flow of chi energy through the body caused by negative forcing functions in the subconscious. He pleaded with me to help him because he was so sick and he had not been able to get any relief from traditional medicine. I agreed to try to help him using hypnotherapy with spirit releasement therapy because he had run out of options and was suicidal.

The first thing I did was to remove four layers of demons who were attached to him. This helped him energetically by removing some of the blocks to the flow of chi through his body and the cell communities of his body were now being nourished by the increased chi energy. His depression has lowered his psychic defense system (Guardian Chi) and it was easy for the demons to attach to him. He was a very spiritual person and demons are attracted to people of light and try to destroy them. After I released the entities from him, I proceeded to look at his internal conflicts and discovered his Self-Sabotaging behavior.

Edward got married for the second time four years ago to a woman with three children. The children, for some reason, hated him. He was very unhappy in his marriage, not only because of the children's hate, but because his wife dominated him and he felt smothered. He was not an emotionally strong man, was afraid of being alone and did not have the emotional strength to confront his wife with how he was feeling about their relationship.

What he did unconsciously was to foster the extreme depression in himself so that his wife would throw him out because she would not tolerate him moping about in his misery. She finally insisted that he leave and he did. Now he was faced with his own fear of being alone which knocked down his Guardian Chi again and more demons got into him, drawn by his fear. The demons exacerbated his fear. I released these new demons from him, he felt much better, and since there was no more reason to be depressed, the depression lifted. I did a lot of reprogramming on him to assuage the fear of being alone and he began to experience life from a much more positive viewpoint and actually began to feel happy.

What is obvious from this story is that the terrible depression was of his own making to force a life-changing situation that he could not consciously accept. He was essentially sabotaging his own happiness by creating the depression to accomplish the change in his life that he could not face emotionally. This all occurred below conscious awareness.

The real problem here is that without releasing the demons attracted by his depression so that his internal conflict could be addressed, he might have gone on for the rest of his life taking powerful medicines to relieve a symptom that was not the real problem. He might also have committed suicide. His unresolved internal conflict created the self-sabotage that was the real culprit in this scenario.


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