Remotes Clear Negative Energy

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Usually by the time people come and see me they're older… usually older than 40 and quite often in their fifties and sixties. By these ages, most people have picked up a lot of negative energy of one sort or another. The negative energy comes from negative forcing functions that have reduced the flow of Chi in their subconscious self and deprived the cell communities of their bodies of the necessary life force energy for good health in both mind and body. This is the basis for all disease… mental emotional physical and spiritual according to the oldest model of disease that exists on the planet. This model is called the Eastern Disease Model and is over 4000 years old… therefore it's probably true because things that last for that long are usually true. The negative forcing functions are simply bad things that happened to you in this or past lives, unresolved internal conflicts, biological carry-overs from your ancestors, and the attachment of foreign energies. Negative forcing functions distort the body's energy field and cause blocks to form in the Chi meridians of the body inhibiting the flow of this life force energy to the cell communities of the body. When that happens, we are in trouble.

Remote work can clear these negative energy blocks, which inhibits the flow of life force energy through the body by releasing the blocks in at least two layers of consciousness and sometimes in three. In a private session, I can only clear one layer of consciousness at a time but I can reprogram the subconscious self. In remote sessions, I can clear more layers of consciousness but I cannot do reprogramming. Ideally, a client with many problems does better by having some remotes done before seeing me in person because we can get to the reprogramming sooner because a lot of the clearing is already done through the remote work.

Shirley, 56 years old, lives on the West Coast and had a lot of problems amongst which were diabetes, a persistent mucus cough, hypothyroidism, severe allergies to food and environment, persistent diarrhea and was overweight (273 pounds). Of course, I told her when she contacted me that I could not work on any of these conditions because I am not a medical doctor psychiatrist, psychologist or any other licensed member of the healing professions. I told her that what I did was remove the blocks to the flow of Chi through the body and then reprogram her subconscious self and that this often resulted in great improvement in the person's well-being. She was happy with this because she said she had not had much success with the practitioners she had seen and wanted to try hypnotherapy, so I agreed to do it.

We did four remotes on Shirley and on the eight or nine layers we could clear remotely, we released about 80 Dark Force Energies (demons), 8 Earthbound Spirits, 4 past life traumas and a negative thought form energy. Every time we began a remote her energy field was severely repressed indicating that the layers of consciousness up for clearing were badly blocking the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of her body. When we finished a remote, her energy field looked very good indicating that we had successfully cleared the blocks to the flow of chi through her body.

Once the remotes were complete, Shirley felt much better, but not totally, so she flew to Atlanta and had four private sessions with me. During these private sessions I got rid of two more past life traumas feeding negative energy into her this life, three internal conflicts having to do with her parents and ex husband and two more demon DFE's. I then reprogrammed her subconscious hard drive (the subconscious is like an analog bio-computer) to address the antithesis of the negativity brought by the attachments, past life problems and the conflicts. By the time she left Atlanta, she was feeling very good and flew back to the west coast with a light heart. I have heard from her twice since she returned home and she said she was feeling "wonderful".

It is interesting to note that the earthbound spirits attached to her had similar physical and emotional problems and the demonics exacerbate these problems to destroy the person. Earthbound spirits bring with them the energy of their death and the negative energies of their lives. That is the function of demons…to destroy the person's light. They usually try to do this by killing the person… through either outright physical disease, accidents or causing such despair that the person commits suicide.

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