Remote Clearning on John

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

John, a 57-year-old man had been struggling with very poor health and great pain in his legs and feet for the past 20 years. He had pretty much given up ever feeling well again and he was on a lot of medication for the pain. His family contacted me to see if I could help him remotely, because his pain was so bad that he couldn't travel and he lived far across the country from where I am. I explained to them that I cannot treat any condition because I am not a medical doctor, or a licensed psychotherapist, but what I do is clear negative energy out of the subconscious mind that has restricted the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body and has installed and supports negative programs on the subconscious hard drive. The family was desperate and so they asked me to do whatever I could do to help John in hope that it would help him at least a little bit. There was nowhere else for them to go. They had been to many medical doctors and clinics and he had several operations including bypass surgery and repair of valves in his heart, but he was in great pain in his legs, feet and back and he had pretty much given up after having a stroke. So, I agreed to perform a remote clearing on him in hope that it would help him some.

I found 47 demons in John's body. They had been coming into him since he was four years old. His bright light was the attraction for the demons. Their mission is to sap his light energy and destroy him. Destruction is always the mission of demonic energies. When the first demon came into him, he was open from an intense fever at the age of two. The demons were distributed throughout his body exacerbating all of his problems. Demons are responsible for all his troubles and pain. They relish his pain. Twelve were in his heart area, 9 in his head, 11 in his back and neck, 9 in his legs and 6 in his feet. They torment him using earthbound spirits and soul-mind fragments of people who had problems in their life. There was no past life or parallel universe interferences that I could find on John.

John had an earthbound spirit in his heart. The earthbound spirit was named Tom who was 50 years old when he died in England in 1716. Tom was unmarried but liked to play around with women. He was a sex addict and when he died of a heart attack, he had been visiting a brothel. He had lots of women friends but few male associates. He earned his living doing water connections and finding water. Tom was born with defective aortic and mitral valves in his heart. He had a hard life as a child. His father was a drunkard and his mother was always sick. He had six siblings and he was the oldest. His father worked occasionally as a day laborer, but spent most of his money on drink. Tom's mother and the children often went hungry. Tom entered John at age 6.

There were two soul-mind fragments attached to John on these two layers of consciousness that I was able to reach. One fragment was of his mother in his head. John also had a fragment of his father attached, which was in his left leg and thigh. The energy that created the both of these fragments was fear and anger. Fragments bring the energy that created them to the person who gets attached by them.

John's father was dead at the time I did the remote and since the father was bereft of his soul- mind fragment, he could not enter the light but was a wandering lost soul. By sending his fragment back to him cleansed, John's father was able to enter the light. This is truly rescue work.

There was another earthbound spirit also attached to John. This spirit was Joseph who died in 1764 at the age of 38. He was in a vehicle accident after having a stroke. The lower part of his body was crushed and his legs, ankles, knees and feet were literally destroyed. Joseph was the son of a mill grinder; he never married, and was shy with girls. He was very religious as was his family who ran their lives by the church's teachings. He was Christian and felt he could never measure up to the religion's dictates, so, he was sure he would go to hell. He did not, but he wandered until he joined John at the age of 17.

I cut all of this negative energy out of John and used Reiki and Karuna-Ki energy to repair the cell damage on these two layers of consciousness caused by the negative energy that was in them. It took 27 days to repair the cell damage on these two layers of consciousness, but I got a call from his family the next day after the remote clearing saying that he was much improved, that the pain had subsided dramatically and that he was feeling much better. John should feel much healthier after the 27 days of cell damage repair, but I never heard back from them. It is interesting to note that earthbound spirits bring the energy of their deaths and the negative energy of their lives to those they attach to. John had many of the problems of the earthbound spirits.

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