Remote Work

by Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

A great deal of my work is with people who either do not know that they are being worked on or who cannot or will not come to see me. Often a parent will ask me to work on their children who are into drugs, alcohol or exhibiting behavior that is deleterious to their future. Like if they keep on behaving as they are, they will either end up in jail or in a morgue. The kids would not come to see me voluntarily and if forced by the parents, would actively resist my work so it would not be of much use. Remote work can help these situations dramatically.

Wives will ask me to work on husbands who will not or can not stop drinking, smoking, exhibiting infidelity, physically or mentally abusing them and generally acting like a lout. Again, if the husband is coerced into seeing me, he would actively resist the work and the sessions would be of little or no benefit. Remote work can be of great value here.

Many clients who hear of my work from my lectures, my writing or via my website on the Internet come to see me from all over the United State and from all over the world. I have had clients from every state and from over 40 countries come to Atlanta and stay for whatever time is required to do the work. Many clients have returned 3 or 4 times to complete their work. The problem is that a lot of clients not from the Atlanta area who need my work just cannot afford to come see me for the time it takes to resolve their problems. For all of these people remote work is a viable alternative for them to consider.

Remote work requires a cleared surrogate who is conditioned to easily go into hypnosis and has been trained to accept the images and feelings coming from the subconscious connection to the remote client's subconscious mind and allow those images and feelings to be expressed freely without consciously filtering them. In addition to the hypnosis surrogate, a trained cleared person provides protection to the process by holding all involved in the Light and of course I am directing the entire procedure and conducting the therapy.

The therapy consists of finding and removing the energy of negative forcing functions buried in the subconscious self that have negatively programmed the subconscious computer and supports the negative programs in the computer. These negative forcing functions are from: "bad" things that have happened to the person in this life, in past lives, unresolved internal conflicts known or unknown to the client, biological genetic carry-overs from the ancestors, and from attached foreign energies (spirit attachment).

Remote work does not resolve internal conflicts or biological genetic carryover problems, but is quite effective in dealing with this life and past life issues and entity attachments. Remote work also does not permit reprogramming of the clients subconscious computer. This must be done in person. However, the clearing of repressed memories from this life and past lives and the removal of foreign energies is very beneficial and can restore a person to health and happiness, where if it was not done, the person might be destroyed.

I am able to clear some negative forcing functions (energy generators) from the afflicted person and restore the flow of life force energy (Chi, Prana, etc.) through the person's body affected by the particular energy blocks. If the person had entity attachments, the effect of the entity(s) are negated. For the other remote responsive negative forcing functions, the clearing of the "negative energy generators" from the client's subconscious mind is of great benefit to the client by removing the blocks to Chi flow which restores physical health and positively influences behavior.

In the case of children under age twelve with very serious problems, I almost always use remote work to help them because if the child is infected by a demonic energy, the clearing process could be very scary to the child and the child might self fragment in which case I would then have to deal with that problem in addition to the original problem that brought the child in.. I sometimes use a parent as the surrogate if the parent is willing and is clear. Most often, however, the parent is not clear and it would take a lot of time and money to clear them, so it is easier and less expensive to use my trained professional surrogate.

In summation then I would say that it is better to deal with the client directly for hypnotherapy work to resolve the problems that are interfering with a happy and healthful life. However, if it is not possible for whatever reason, to have the client see me face to face, then remote work is very beneficial bearing in mind that some things just cannot be done remotely. Fortunately, most of the more serious problems I encounter with people are from this life or past lives or attached spirits, and remote clearing does a wonderful job in helping these cases. Remote work is certainly infinitely better than doing nothing. It can make the difference between happiness and destruction. Remote work is highly advantageous to those who will be seeing me in person to get a "head start" on the clearing process. This is done quite often and is highly beneficial in shortening the time for therapy.


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