Remote On A Depressed, Unhappy Young Man

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Alan called me from the southwestern USA and asked if I could help him remotely, as he was having serious problems with depression, headaches, sexual dysfunction, low self-esteem and extreme shyness. He was 27 years old, unmarried and lived alone. He said he had been to medical doctors, and shrinks without benefit. I told him I could not legally treat any of his conditions but that I could clear negative energy he may have attached to him and that might help him. He agreed. Here are the results:

Your High Self (HS) gave us permission to do this work.

Your seventh chakra was inactive. We activated it.

Your third through sixth chakras were closed down. We opened them.

We found and released seven Dark Force Energies (DFE's) in your head. These energies probably contributed to depression and headaches. Dark Force Energies are demonic energies. They came on you at age 11.

We found and released four DFE's (demons) in your feet from age 12. These energies kept you from grounding yourself.

We found and released ten parasitical DFE's in your first chakra. These drained your Kundalini energy and left you sexually weak as well as contributed to depression. These DFE's came into you at age 17.

We found and released a major earthbound spirit that attached to your heart when you were 14 years old. This was the spirit of a thirteen-year-old female named Shasti who died in 1860 in Africa. A group of men, some of whom she knew, attacked Shasti, and raped her until she was dead. The rapist men were from a village close by the farm, where her parents worked. Shasti said she was walking along a road, which led, from the farm to the village and this group of men attacked her. There were about ten of them, she couldn't be sure of the number. They dragged her to a shed off to the side of the road and threw her against the wall of the shed knocking the breath out of her and almost rendering her senseless. They then proceeded to rip her clothing off and raped her until she died. She pleaded with them to stop but the men persisted, laughing and humiliating her. She remembers being consumed with great outrage and shame in addition to the terrible pain, as the men were extremely rough with her. An earthbound spirit like Shasti brings with it the energy of its death and the negative energy of its life to whomever it attaches. So, Shasti brought with herself when she attached to you, the energy of shame, humiliation, pain and anger she felt at death.

We had to cleanse Shasti of her great shame, humiliation and anger before we could release her to the Light. When she left you, your aura opened up and became continuous.

The presence of Shasti and her energy of shame, humiliation and anger on you deeply affected you causing feelings of depression, worthlessness and isolation. Shasti's energy co-mingled with your energy and because it was so powerful it over-rode your energy. This made your energy field express humiliation and shame even if you didn't consciously feel like that. This kind of energy field would be repulsive to most people and they would unconsciously stay away from you making you feel isolated and alone.

With this clearing, your energy field will become whatever it is supposed to be reflecting the real you, not contaminated by Shasti's or the demon energy. In addition, with the removal of the parasitical DFE's in your first chakra and the DFE's in your feet that kept you from being grounded, there should be great improvement in your stability and sexual energy. Whatever depression you had from Shasti should now lift, not only because of Shasti's removal, but also because we removed the depressive DFE's in your head. The head DFE's were probably attracted to the depression in you that came from Shasti, and they exacerbated whatever depressive energy she brought. So, with all of it gone, there should not be any depression in you that is not your own. It is much easier to deal with your own problems when they are not being amplified by external sources.

I think it would be of great advantage to you if I did some remote positive reprogramming of your subconscious self. This can be accomplished over the telephone or using Skype and would take about two hours. In addition, I would like you to do some creative visualization work on yourself to imbed into your subconscious the image of how you want to see yourself and your life. This imaging embedment is now possible because we removed all the foreign energies from you. In the past no amount of affirmations (reprogramming) or any other therapy could be effective with those energies on you.

Allen never took me up on the reprogramming because he felt good enough with the energies removed and didn't want to spend the money, even though I told him he might recreate the feelings.

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