Remote on Alvaro (A Sorry Person)

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Alvaro is a 60-year-old Latino living in Guatemala. He is the last surviving brother of the sister who commissioned this remote. She had five brothers - one was shot in Los Angeles at the age of 18, a second list strangled in Mexico at age 22, a third died of liver failure at 42, and the fourth died last year at the age of 62. The sister was very concerned about Alvaro and had asked me to do a remote on him.

At the age of five Alvaro was caught by his mother swearing, She tied him to a table and stuffed hot chilies in his mouth. He got sick and his face was burned badly. At age 6 because he was restless she sent him to a boarding school. At age 9 she sent him to a regular school but he spent most of his time out on the streets. At age 12 his father had to go looking for him on the streets at 3:AM in the morning and this happened frequently. He was doing bad enough things that the police were involved. At age 15 his mother kicked him out of the house and he wandered about South America by himself. After 10 years his mother began to look for him and finally found him in a prison in Honduras. He went to live with his father in Mexico when he got out of prison. He was schizophrenic by then. He went back to live with his mother in 1997and experienced the death of three of his brothers and his father.

Alvaro has sexual issues - he's bisexual, but he prefers men. He's put in jail often for masturbating in public places and women are scared of him and he likes it that they are scared. He's unemployed and he begs for money on the streets. For 15 years his mother had him in and out of psychiatric units and on heavy medication for schizophrenia. He now lives with his mother and his uncle in Ecuador. He and his uncle fight a lot. Alvaro is very difficult to converse with.

In clearing Alvaro, I found he had a total of 37 demons distributed through his body. Some were in his head, his heart, stomach, kidneys, liver, the intestinal tract, and in both legs and feet. He had an additional three demons under each foot preventing him being grounded.

The major demons in him were with him in his two past lifetimes that I cleared in this remote. These two lifetimes were on the two layers of consciousness that I was able to reach in this remote. In addition he received five demons and three soul mind fragments from his mother while in her womb. The soul mind fragments were created by of anger, jealousy and fear. So he was born with a lot of demons and the soul mind fragments of his mother in him. A very bad start for a new life. He was condemned to live a life of anguish and pain from birth.

He has the light of God in him but it is very dim from his past lives and this one, however he is still here and God will take him to his kingdom in the not-too-distant future where he will be all right. He has learned what he needed to learn in this lifetime and he will be in Nirvana with the Angels when he's ready to go.

Past life number one
Alvaro's name was Andrew when he died in England of a broken neck in the poor house. He had been in a fight with Jocko. Andrew was stealing money from Jocko and Jocko strangled him in 1783. Andrew was unmarried and gay and made his living by stealing from street merchants. Andrew was 27 years old at death. Jocko's name in this lifetime is Pedro, Álvaro's uncle. Jocko had been imprisoned for murder but escaped two years previously. Both Andrew and Jocko each had many demons.

Past life number two
Alvaro's name in this life was Christopher and he was hung in 1801 in Brazil for the crime of murder. He was 39 years old. He murdered, with a machete a 17-year-old girl named Sondra when he was drunk at her place of employment, which was a dance hall. Sondra was beautiful and very free in her affections to men.

Christopher was unmarried and lived poorly, He had very little money. He worked in the woods cutting down trees. Christopher also worked in the cane fields chopping sugarcane. He hated both his jobs and rarely worked at either of them. Christopher lost most of the use of his left leg when a machete cut the tendons and muscles in a fight. Christopher was often in fights when he grew up on the streets of his town and had to fight for food. He slept on the ground mostly. His father died of liver damage from alcohol when Christopher was five years old.

His mother raised him until she threw him out on the streets at age 14. Christopher had eight siblings. Four brothers and four sisters. He was the middle son. All told there were nine children. His mother, Maria worked in a sugar mill for a pittance and they barely have enough to eat. Often the children were hungry because there was no food. Mother Maria was very religious and trusted God to take care of Christopher when he left home. She prayed for him and two other sons she also threw out of the house when they were about 14 years old. She had no guilt about throwing the three boys out on the streets because she thought that praying for them would take care of them. She never saw them again after they left home. With the smaller family she could support her children who were younger than the boys who had been thrown out. Fathers, who were not married to Maria, sired most of the children and these fathers did not care about the children and never saw them.

I cleared all the demons out of Alvaro and sent the soul mind fragments of Alvaro's mother back to her in the light. It took a total of 38 hours using Reiki and Karuna Ki energy to cleanse him. A week later his sister said he was much improved.

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