Remote Magic

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Remote clearing is a large part of my work. People want remote work for many reasons. Sometimes they are just too far away and it would be too expensive for them to come see me in person. Sometimes remote work is for someone who doesn't believe in this work and refuses to come and see me. Usually a concerned parent or spouse or good friend arranges for the remote for these people. Although remote work functions very well under these circumstances, it is easier for the mind to process the change in the client's energy field if either I or the person who ordered the remote explains to the remote client what transpired during the remote. This allows the subconscious and conscious mind to come together and more easily process the energy change in the client

One of the benefits of remote work is that it is possible to clear two layers of consciousness in a single session. In a private session I can only clear one layer of consciousness at a time. However, in private sessions I can do reprogramming of the subconscious easily, but in remote sessions it is much more difficult to do reprogramming. What makes reprogramming difficult in remote sessions is that the client has to have a very good audio system because I have to put them in deep trance hypnosis and give them the reprogramming suggestions over the phone and the efficacy of this depends upon the quality of the audio system. It is strictly a technical problem, not a problem in the technology of the remote itself.

A case in point is that of Mary, a mid-30s woman who came to see me several years ago with lots of problems among which were: very low energy, hair loss, ADD, terrific anxiety, anger and frustration issues, arthritis, didn't like her job, holds grudges, had marital problems and had many unfounded fears. She originally wanted to see me for a private session but when I told her that I could clear two layers of consciousness with a remote, she opted to do a remote before she had a private session and that's what we did. The following is what we found and cleared during the remote session.

After getting permission from Mary's high self once we transferred part of our consciousness to her, the first thing we found was darkness across her shoulders and down her back to the pelvis area. In this darkness she had 15 dark force energies subverting her will and draining her energy. In her solar plexus area was an earthbound spirit of a woman named Donna who died at age 47 in 1846 in England. She was stabbed in the aorta and bled to death. Her lover Don, jealous of her infidelity to him killed her. Donna joined Mary in 1990 and was attracted to Mary by her marital troubles. Donna was married two times before and had one child, a girl named Cindy. Donna was divorced by both of her husbands. They abused her physically and were unfaithful to her as she was to them. She was very artistic and met Dan, her killer, at an art function in Devonshire. She was angry and riddled with anxiety and sadness when she met Dan. Earthbound spirits bring the energy of their death and the negative energy of their life to whomever they attach to, so Mary had Donna's energy on her.

At age 14, two additional dark force energies joined her in her heart-lung area draining her energy and making her heart and lungs weak. At age 23 another dark force energy joined her in her left knee causing arthritis to form and also drained her energy.

On these layers of consciousness we found energy coming from a past life into her through a tube in her lower back. In 1438 in Mesopotamia, she was a healer named Serena who worked through the mind and with herbs and spices. She was famous for doing healing work. She healed the King and his family and received great accolades for her healing work. Serena was married to a ne'er-do-well who taxed her energy and strength. Her husband did not support her emotionally or financially. She developed her own healing techniques and she was sad about her relationship with her husband. Serena worked with a woman named Margot, an old woman of great wisdom who taught much to Serena. Serena then went far beyond Margot's teaching and superseded her in healing promise. Serena left her husband when she was 63 and moved to residency at court. She continued to heal and advise on healing until she died at age 97 of lung problems.

We found a second past life on these layers of consciousness when Mary was a woman named Darnia who died at age 83 in 1764 in Chile. She died of heart trouble. Darnia was wise and an advisor to medical people on mind problems. She suffered from chest pains and loneliness. She never married, was self-taught and fairly gifted intellectually.

We cleared all of the negative energies off of Mary and she immediately noticed a substantial change in many areas that she had problems with. Her whole energy field changed … she became happier, less angry and depressed and the ADD seemed to disappear. I saw Mary subsequently several times for additional clearing work and substantial reprogramming. Mary, felt drawn to healing work as a result of these two past life situations. Her whole life changed for the better after this work, has continued to improve and she is living a relatively happy and productive life.


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