Remote Healing Work

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

I do a lot of remote healing work on people who are far away or who are too sick to come and see me. A recent case in point is that of

Jenny, 41 years old, who lives a couple thousand miles away and was so sick that she was unable to come and see me. She was totally incapacitated and suicidal. After I told her about to my inability to treat any condition because I was not a licensed medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor, and that what I did was remotely remove blocks to the flow of chi energy to the cell communities of the body, she still wanted me to try the help her and I agreed to.

Jenny said she felt assaulted by psychic demonic energies and in addition had serious health issues including brain and emotional trauma and mental instability, as she described it. She felt that her soul was lost and possessed by demons and she suffered from memory loss, social awkwardness, anxiety, severe panic attacks, phobias, confusion, and extreme depression and said she was unable to function. She said that her energy body had been completely shattered and wide open to psychic vampires. She also said that she grew up in a home lacking maternal love but where there was much selfishness, insecurity, jJealousy, fear, and her family instilled in her low self-esteem. For the past several years she had seen medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, psychics, channelers, healers, soul retrieval doctors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, energy workers and past life regressionists without any benefit. She is unable to sleep or work and said that I was her last hope.

I did three remotes on her, separated by a couple of weeks, to get some of the bad stuff off her. We can reach between two and three levels of consciousness deep when doing remote clearing. In regular private session, only one layer of consciousness can be cleared at a time because I have to contend with interference from the conscious mind, but I can do reprogramming in private sessions, which I cannot do remotely. In the three remote sessions, we removed about 60 demonic energies, six earthbound spirits, four soul-mind fragments and negative energies from three past lives. After the third remote, she was feeling sufficiently better that she flew to Atlanta and we had five private sessions during which I removed several more attached entities and did positive reprogramming of her subconscious self.

The attached earthbound spirits that were on her had many of the physical and emotional problems of which she complained. Two of the earthbound spirits were suicides and brought that despair energy to Jenny. The earthbound spirits brought the energy of their deaths and the negative energies of their lives to Jenny and she had to contend with their energies as though they were her own. Three of the soul-mind fragments came from sexual partners who transferred their disassociated sub-personalities to her during intercourse. This happens quite often because of the openness and surrender one embraces during sex. One of the soul-mind fragments was from the wife of one of her sexual partners whose anger at the infidelity caused her to fragment and the fragment was directed towards Jenny as a curse. When this happens, because of the venom in the fragment and intent to harm, these kinds of curse fragments will usually pick up demonic energies and the demons then add to and exacerbate the curse energy.

Once I removed all the foreign energies and past life trauma energies with the remotes and private sessions, and reprogrammed Jenny, the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of her body was restored and she began to get well very quickly. She flew back home a positively changed person and is now doing very well. She plans on getting a job and resuming a normal happy life.

Jenny was lucky in that she had only a small number of consciousness layers that were badly blocked by the negative forcing functions of foreign energies and past-life trauma. Frequently, there are many more layers of consciousness that are blocked and in which the energies causing the symptoms are distributed. I have found as many as thirty-five or more blocked layers. It is unusual to find that many, but it does happen. In addition,

Jenny did not have too much bad energy from her own life that had to be cleared. Her early life problems are what lowered her psychic defense system and let into her the attachments, which brought so much bad stuff to her.


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