Remote Anger Management

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Recently, a mother called me about her daughter Maria who has an extremely tough time with her anger. The mother said that Maria was ruining their home life because her constant anger was making it difficult for everyone who lived there. Maria was married, had no children and the mother lived with Maria and her husband. They have had Maria in an "Anger Management Program" for over two years and it was not working and it was expensive. The mother asked me to do a remote on Maria for the anger problem since they lived on the west coast and they could not afford to come to Atlanta to see me in person and I agreed to do so. They found me through my website which has a lot of information about my remote work.

In scanning Maria we found that she is a very compassionate and intelligent person. Her compassion comes about 60% from her father Jose and about 40% from her mother, Marie. The compassion comes from her DNA genetic link when she entered into Marie's family in this incarnation.

We found a soul mind fragment of a person named Aurora in Maria's heart. Aurora's soul mind fragment was a traumatic response of great anger that was in Aurora. This anger was in this soul mind fragment of Aurora and deeply affected and continues to affect Maria. We removed the soul mind fragment of Aurora from Maria's heart and also got rid of the anger that the fragment brought to Maria.

We also found a soul mind fragment of Maria's grandmother Margarita in Maria's heart. This fragment also was formed by the traumatic emotion of great anger. The soul mind fragment of Margarita was very powerful and exercised a great influence on the demeanor of Maria. We found two additional soul mind fragments of Margarita, both containing anger, in Maria's right brain. The right brain is presumed to be the abode of the subconscious mind and in the subconscious resides all of our passions. The subconscious is irrational and since anger is passionate, anger is irrational. We got rid of all of the fragments of Margarita that were in Maria's heart and right brain, and we also got rid of the anger energy that the fragments brought to Maria.

Marion's last lifetime was in France and ended in 1836. In this lifetime in France her name was Lorraine and she was the mistress of a very wealthy member of the royal family, now deposed. Apparently some of the royal family members were able to keep their money in spite of the fact that France became a republic after the revolution. The wealthy male dearly loved Lorraine and treated her with great reverence and respect and kept her in a very affluent manner. This was Maria's last lifetime before she entered this lifetime. She loved that life. She loved the attention and the riches. Some of her anger in this lifetime comes from a longing for the trappings of that lifetime when she died in 1836. This lifetime that ended in 1836 was very different from the lifetime that Maria had before her 1836 lifetime. In the earlier lifetime she had a very hard life. She was a prostitute and was strangled by a client. She was full of anger in that lifetime; she was greatly depressed and felt great abandonment because her father threw her out into the street when she was only 16 years old. So, it is easy to see why she loved that lifetime in 1836 so much. There are strong traces within her now of wanting that lifetime that she had as the mistress of the wealthy French man. This longing helps fuel the anger that Margarita and Aurora brought to her. We were unable to do much about that anger except that now that we understand it, it may be easier for everyone to be sympathetic to Maria because she has this feeling of great loss.

We found a total of five dark force energies (demons) distributed in her energy field and they were exacerbating the anger that she is subject to both from the fragments and energetically from the 1836 past life. The purpose of this exacerbation is to destroy her as demons always try to do. We got rid of the demons but it took over six hours to get their energy out of her. This is an exceptionally long time and we think it's because these demons have taken such great root in her. Hopefully now that they're gone, she will be able to deal with the anger from this past lifetime in France in 1836 in a much healthier way. If the anger was coming from the past lifetime, we would be able to get rid of it by severing the tubes that carry the anger, but the anger is actually generated by Maria in this life because of the unrequited longing for the royal situation she had in the 1836 lifetime.

We also found an old energy that was in Maria's family attached to Maria. The energy said that it was Esquipula. It acted like a soul mind fragment but it might have been an earthbound spirit. It is an old female energy and was attached to Maria's reproductive system. The predominant energy in this force was anger also. In addition, because this is an old female energy, it is possible that the characteristics of an elderly woman might be in that energy and could be affecting Maria. We removed the energy of Esquipula and that should get rid of both Esquipula's anger and her effect on Maria's reproductive system. This old woman energy may be the cause of Maria's not being able to conceive.

In this particular remote on Maria, I focused on her anger and we found a lot of reasons for her anger. Some of the reasons were soul mind fragments and some were genetically based and in some cases both genetically and energetically based. The soul mind fragments came into her at a very young age, probably between two and five years old. The genetic-based energies came in at birth or maybe even at conception. We removed the soul mind fragments that were causing harm to her, but we do not want to remove the genetically based energies that gave her positive aspects such as compassion. Esquipula-based energy was probably more genetic then soul mind fragmentation of Esquipula attached to Maria. In this case we probably got rid of the soul mind fragmentation energy but may not have gotten rid of the genetically based energy of Esquipula.

We cleaned Maria of everything we could … both fragmented energy and genetic energy, but when the energies are mixed like hers were it is not always possible to get all of that out … particularly the genetic energy. We did however, clear most of the negative energy that was in her on these two layers of consciousness that we were able to reach and she should improve greatly in regard to the anger. Just getting the five demons that were dedicated to her destruction off of her was a big step in the right direction. Since we also cleaned the soul-mind fragments of the energy that created them, and sent the fragments back to their sources, the sources will benefit also because they got their fragments back and if any of them are dead, the reattachment of the lost fragment will make it possible for the soul to be complete and it can then proceed on its spiritual path, which it could not as long as the fragment was missing. So, by doing this remote, we rescued everybody involved.



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