Remote and Private Session Reprogramming

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Remote sessions provide much more information on a client than do private sessions. This is because we don't have intrusion from the client's conscious mind and because we have from 3 to 6 hours to do a remote as opposed to two hours for a private session and we have to contend with the clients conscious mind interfering. In remotes we can talk to demons, soul mind fragments, earthbound spirits and we usually get at least one past life. It's important to get the details of what these negative forcing functions are doing to the person's life because when we reprogram, the reprogramming can be very specific to what we learned from the entities and the person's past lives. When we do a remote clearing we can clear two layers of consciousness. In a private session clearing, we can clear only one layer because of the reasons mentioned previously.

Specific reprogramming as we can do in remote sessions is different than the global reprogramming we can do in private sessions. Specific reprogramming has the ability to drive the changes made by releasing the negative energy into much deeper levels of the subconscious because the subconscious is directly relating the clients' problems to the reprogramming. For instance, if the client has a bellyache and we take off an earthbound spirit that had bellyache problems, then the subconscious has an easy time letting go of the bellyache problems because it knows that we have released that energy from the client.

In global reprogramming, as we do in private sessions, we are changing the subconscious attitude and outlook on life by providing reprogramming on such things as ego strength, self-love, self-confidence, self acceptance, overall body healing, changes in mental attitudes, anger control and other such more general problems. This global subconscious reprogramming benefits the client by the changes received g but it is not as specific to any definite problem like we can do in the remote sessions. We could do specific reprogramming in a private session, but then we would only be able to do one or two specific problem solutions whereas in a remote session we can cover a broad gamut of problems in a specific manner because we can access more negative energy sources that may be the root energy of complex problems.

In specific reprogramming as we can do in remote sessions, we can query a demon about what age it came into the client, what was going on with the client that allowed the demon to enter it, what specific damage the demon is doing in the client's body or mind and how many associate demons the principal demon has helping it and what they are doing. For soul mind fragments, we can find out at what age the fragment came into the client, from whom it came, what kind of energy created the fragment and therefore what kind of energy was brought to the client by the fragment. In the case of earthbound spirits, if they attached to the client, they bring the energy of their deaths and the negative energy of their lives to the client. We usually get at least one past life time in a remote clearing that gives us insight into any problems that the client is experiencing in this lifetime from a past life and also allows us to remove the energy from the past life that may be causing problems in the clients present life. Quite often we get more than one past lifetime.

Actually we can get the same information in a private session as we can in a remote session but it is much more difficult to obtain because of the conscious minds obstruction and the time limitation. The time limitation restricts our speaking to maybe only one attachment or one past lifetime and even though we clear completely the single layer of consciousness we are working on, the subconscious cannot specifically relate the problems the client is having to what we removed in the session because there is no precise discussion of the many negative forcing functions in the subconscious layer of consciousness which may be the principal cause of the client's difficulties. And so the reprogramming does not process as deeply in the subconscious.

In remotes, because we don't have the interference from the conscious mind, it is much easier and reliable to truly talk to the Divinity (High self) within the client. Often, this is the best tactic to use for overall client benefit if the High Self chooses to respond. When the conscious mind is present, we don't know if it is contaminating the answers from the High Self. The best possible arrangement is to combine both remote clearing with private session clearing and you therefore get the best effects of both techniques.

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