Relationship Stress

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


A great number of my clients are women who have spouse problems. I am not saying that only women have spouse problems… men also have them, but I don't see them as often as I do women. Sometimes the spouse problem is that the women is involved with the spouse of another woman and now we have two women with spouse problems and one of them may not even know that she has a problem.

In most cases I encounter, the men have the upper hand in the relationship whether the women are married to the man or he is the husband of another woman. The men don't seem to be as concerned about the relationship problem as much as the women are and so it is the women who usually suffer the most in these situations. In addition, women are, I think, much more trusting and caring than men and are more easily hurt emotionally than men are.

Women, in our society, mainly seem to derive much of their emotional security from being "connected" to a man whether in marriage or not. Even if the man does not work and is a leach on the woman who works, she still seems to need the emotional security of the relationship much more than the man does. I often see beautiful women who are working at high paying jobs and who are intellectually the superior of the lout she is in a relationship with become clinically depressed if he threatens to leave her.

I also see many women in high paying jobs who are "involved" with married men in the "hope" that he will leave his present wife and be with them. Often, the man encourages this relationship. Why should he not? The woman is beautiful… she gives him all the sex he wants and it does wonders for his male ego. The man also has a built in support structure so that now he can leave his original spouse and not be lonely or wanting for anything. He is, literally, free to play the field of women leading her on to believe that "someday soon" they will probably be married and the poor women is radiant that she has this chance to be his next wife. The reason often given for not getting married is that "we have to both experience this freedom for a while until we get to know each other better" even though they have had the relationship for several years.

I am not a marriage counselor or relationship counselor or in fact any kind of counselor. I am a hypnotherapist and I see the ravages of this relationship insecurity in depression, anxiety, physical illness and other manifestations of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual stress because that is what it boils down to. Men can also have this insecurity stress, but it appears less pronounced in relationships and more in connection with their jobs. However, the insecurity stress is produced; it is deadly to the person affected.

It is deadly in that it causes the body's systems to begin secreting adrenaline and other flight or flight chemicals and these can destroy the body if not dealt with. What is even worse is the anxiety and stress produced lowers the physical and psychic immune systems and leaves us open for the attachment of microbes and virus's and the attachment of foreign energies that can literally destroy us.

Earthbound Spirits, Demons, Soul-Mind Fragments of other people living or dead as well as alien energies and destructive thought forms can easily attach to us if our psychic defense system is down. We can also self-fragment producing harmful ego states within ourselves that can negatively affect our lives. Entity attachments or other effects of relationship insecurity can devastate our lives so we should guard against them.

If you are in an insecure relationship… however it is defined, think about the consequences of the stress to your overall mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Find a good hypnotherapist who can help you sort out what is happening to you and help you fix yourself before the damage is too severe. And, this message is not limited to only women but also to those men who have the sensibilities to be affected negatively by relationship problems.


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