Recover Your Real Self

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


Many people go through life with little or no idea of who they really are, what their real talents are, what kind of work they should be doing to express their innate creativity and how they can use their natural abilities to produce a happy and successful life both professionally and personally. In addition to not rising to their highest potential for creativity and happiness, they become physically, mentally and/or emotionally ill and blame their problems on their creative expression being thwarted. If you don't know what your real talents are, and you are working at a job that does not use them, then you are probably unhappy and stressed in that job.

Being unhappy for any reason causes stress and stress can drop your Guardian Chi. If that happens, you are open to the onslaught of foreign energy attachments. The window to your subconscious self is open and foreign energies attracted to you can come into you and wreck your life. Now, you are not only unhappy about your work, but you are also subject to the attachments negative energy. These negative energies can make you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically sick.

Gerald, 45 came to me depressed and physically ill. He also spoke about dissatisfaction with his work and his inability to express his innate creative energies. He always worked in jobs that paid well, but he was not happy doing them. He suffered from depression as far back as he could remember and in the past ten years had almost constant infections in his intestines, sinus 's and teeth.

I told him that I could not treat any of his illness conditions because I was not a licensed practitioner, but I could open up his chi channels by releasing any negative forcing functions he might have. He agreed to this and we began work. Negative forcing functions are bad things that have happenened to you in this or past lives, unresolved internal conflicts, biological carry-overs from your ancestors and/or the attachment of foreign energies. All of these distort your body's energy field and cause the chi channels that distribute the chi to your body's cell communities to reduce in size blocking the flow of chi energy. The cell communities become starved for their needed chi to remain healthy and the body and mind begin to suffer.

Gerald thought that he didn't feel well was because his life was not creatively fulfilling to him. This is true as a secondary effect. What really happened was that his unhappiness with his non-creative work and his early depression caused by his dysfunctional family life lowered his Guardian Chi so that foreign energies could come into him. He had the earthbound spirit of a very depressed female and three soul-mind fragments of friends from his youth who were indolent and non-creative attached to him. Additionally, he had four layers of demons attached to him who were drawn by his Light and they wanted to destroy him. That is what demons always try to do.

With regression therapy, I took him back to three lifetimes when he did successful work that he loved. These lifetimes showed that he was joyful and creative when he did work connected with healing. I released all the negative energies attached to him, positively reprogrammed his subconscious and he became well in mind and body. The depression lifted and the infections disappeared. He is now happy, feeling well, and beginning a new job, which exercises his creative energies in healing.


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