Protection Against Entity Attachments

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

You have two immune systems to protect you, a physical one and a psychic one.
You must keep both of them strong!

Since foreign energy attachments can wreck havoc with a persons life, people quite often, ask me about how to protect themselves from these energies. Unfortunately, by the time a person asks the question, they are usually already attached and suffering the consequences. It is like closing the barn door after the horse has been stolen. There is a process that can protect you, but you must understand it to make it work for you.

We all have a psychic defense system that protects us against the invasion of foreign energies, just like we have a physical immune system that protects us from the invasion of pathogens that can harm our physical health. The Chinese call this psychic defense system, the Guardian Chi. The same kinds of things that lower our physical immune system like negative emotions of fear, sadness, rage and hate; and extreme fatigue, poor diet, etc. lower our psychic defense system. When our psychic defense system is down, we are vulnerable to the invasion of foreign energies attracted by our negative energy. Not only does the negative emotion lower our defense, but also it acts as a beacon to energies like itself. Like energies attract like energies.

Once these energies (entities) attach to us, they become forcing functions in the subconscious mind distorting our bodys energy field and causing blocks to the flow of Chi through our bodies. These forcing functions also install negative programs in our subconscious hard drive that affects our behavior and response to life. The entities must be removed before any other clearing on the Self can be done. Forcing functions from trauma in this life, a past life, an internal conflict or a genetic problem can then be dealt with and cleared. Once clear, the subconscious is a able to receive positive programs to replace negative ones and permanent change can result. Sometimes, entities will leave by themselves, but more often, someone who knows how to do it must remove them. Unfortunately, the attached person cannot remove the entities from himself.

To guard against attachments, keep yourself positive so that you do not lower your Guardian Chi or your physical immune system. Project positive energy rather than negative energy and you will attract positive energy (like angels) to yourself. Keep yourself physically strong and fit with exercise and good nutrition because this helps keep your energy positive and your psychic and physical immune systems viable.

I use an ancient Polynesian shield and a Star Meditation for protection. These enhance my Guardian Chi and help me. You can get a copy at the Inner Space if you want one. I also use and recommend prayer as an excellent way to stay positive. Knowing who and what you truly are guards against negativity in life.



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