Problem Places Possessed

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


Haunted places are real, and quite common.
Negative energy can attach to places as well as to people!

Places and things can pick up negative energy (entities) just like people can. The effect can be devastating to large groups of people and last a very long time. Sometimes the energy attaches to a building or even to a whole area. Most people are familiar with haunted houses and battlefields. The attachment happens because of a curse or from an event that happened there. These attached places or things can be cleared using Remote Spirit Releasement Therapy.

About five years ago, Barbara 58 came to me because she and her husband had been trying unsuccessfully to sell their house in a development for four years. The developer went broke selling the homes to the original buyers at very deep discounts just to get rid of them. They desperately wanted to get out of the house because neither she nor her husband were comfortable there, nor had they been since moving there six years earlier.

Her husband was constantly sick going through the flu repeatedly and both of them were constantly very depressed. They werent like this before moving to this house and decided after two uncomfortable years, that they would bite the bullet and move. The problem is they couldnt get anybody interested in the house, no matter what price, within reason, they offered the house at. Their neighbors also had the same problem. In an area of about 100 homes, 37 were up for sale and no one could get a fair offer.

I did a Remote Depossession on the house and area using a surrogate and found a very strong demon. The demon was attracted there by a massacre of around 300 peaceful Indians by whites a couple hundred years earlier. In my experience, demons are attracted by incidents like this because of the negative intent of the antagonists. The evil intent attracts a like energy and the demon came in and attached to the massacre area. The demon was also holding the souls of the murdered Indians captive in the area not allowing them to go to the Light.

This means that the death energy of those 300 Indians and all the negative energy in their lives were held in that place and exacerbated by the dark energy, which amplifies the death energy. The developer inadvertently, built the housing units over the site of the massacre and all that negative energy was still there. Once the demon was released to the Light, all the captive Indian souls also went and the area energy changed dramatically. Within 6 weeks, Barbara had a good offer on her house and many of her neighbors also.


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