Prisons of The Mind!

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

How tragic it is that those who so much need what Hypnotherapy can give are so locked into their prisons of thought that they suffer needlessly without hope and then ultimately die thinking that life is so miserable, so unfair. The cages we build around ourselves to protect us from what might appear to challenge our beliefs are so formidable that there is no way out of them or into them. The public media that most people are exposed to speak little of what Hypnotherapy can do and when it does, it is mostly derision. Those who have no metaphysical bent, locked up into the materialistic scientific fabric of our society or so insulated by their religious beliefs, never take the opportunity to explore the wonders of the real world that God created. The world of the mind and how a cleared mind and new beliefs can change lives.

I write about the great healing power of Hypnotherapy which, when coupled with Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), changes peoples lives from misery and despair into lives of hope and accomplishment. But who gets to read it? The answer is: mostly only those who already know about it. The preaching to the choir syndrome. The other 90% out there who need this work never hear about it or if they do, are afraid to explore it for fear of ridicule or even religious condemnation. And, so they only do what is "acceptable" to save themselves and when it doesn't work they continue being wretched until they die.

I continually see people who have suffered a lifetime of misery and help them by releasing them from their mind's imprisonment. People, who have been in traditional therapy for twenty years without much relief, consistently get better in twenty hours of hypnotherapy with spirit releasement. Why is this so? It is because any spirit attachment forms an almost impenetrable barrier to reaching the subconscious self and that's where the problem sources are. Moreover, an earthbound spirit brings it's death energy and negative life energy to exacerbate or ignite problems in the one attached. In addition, if there is demonic energy attached, the demons flagrantly seek to destroy the person and often use other foreign energies to help accomplish this purpose.

In the August 15, 2002 issue of Time Magazine on page 40, there is a sub-article on Bipolar Disorder that illustrates my point. A case is mentioned of a 17-year-old girl who was fine and then, as she puts it "Everything was perfect…and then I went insane". Her grandfather was Bipolar, diagnosed the year she was born. She was diagnosed the year he died. She says, "You might say that we passed the baton". She takes drugs for the condition, which helps her, but suffers terrible side effects.

Because of the mindset of the western medical community, no thought was given to the possibility that perhaps her Grandfather very directly had something to do with her problem. I would have looked at her problem much differently. Because of the genetic link between she and her grandfather, she may have a genetic predisposition to the bipolar condition … that is, her energy is resonant with the condition.

When her grandfather died, he may have attached to her, not having gone to the Light as he should have. People with such conditions often do not see the light or for other reasons just don't go to The Light and attach to others, particularly family members. Family attachments are especially common. Her grandfather's bipolar sickness energy could easily exacerbate her genetic predisposition to the disease and cause her illness. Get him off her and she could be fine again. I constantly find this kind of thing in my practice. It is the rule, not the exception.

Because she is locked into the prison of this condition using drugs in order to live, and has no knowledge of what I just said, she is doomed to put up with the condition for the rest of her life. Western medicine is allopathic in that drugs are used to treat illness symptoms. This is of great help, but eliminating the source of the symptoms is better. How heartbreaking it is that she and so many others like her don't have the opportunity to check it out and maybe find permanent release for herself and rescue her grandfather at the same time.

For if her Grandfather is attached to her… he has not gone to the light and is left a wandering lost soul ordained to be forever off his path to enlightenment and ultimate reunion with God. When she eventually dies, unless she sees and goes to the Light, she will also wander like him and perhaps end up attaching to others thereby bringing her energy to them, like her Grandfather brought it to her. I hope that along her lost soul path and her Grandfather's, someone will recognize the real problem and release both of them to the Light, rescuing them and those they might infect.

Even without the genetic link, the energy of their sickness can still wreck havoc with anybody to whom they fasten to because attached spirits bring their bad energy to the afflicted unfortunate. Wouldn't it be worth while to step out of the mind's prison long enough to at least try Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), just in case negative spirit energy is the problem source? I use SRT all the time and miracles happen!


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