Past Life Regression Therapy

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Many people call me and want to be regressed back to previous lives to find out who they were in other lifetimes, just as a matter of recreational interest. I also get calls from people who are having great difficulty in this life with mental and/or physical problems who say they want to be regressed back to previous lives to resolve their present illness. Other people want me to reprogram their subconscious because someone regressed them back to previous lives but their problems are still with them and they think that reprogramming will complete their healing process. So, what is Past Life Regression Therapy and what is happening?

Regression Therapy is a very powerful uncovering technique used in Hypnotherapy to find the initial and subsequent sensitizing events responsible for present problems in a person's life. In Regression Therapy, the therapist hypnotizes the client using an affect bridge induction in which the client feels the difficulty he is experiencing and regresses back in time to the source of the feeling. Since the subconscious mind has permanent memory and stores, in memory banks, everything that has ever happened to the client since he was first created, the affect bridge induction takes him back to the part of the subconscious where that feeling was first created.

All the difficulties that any person experiences in this life are caused by bad things that happened to them either in this life, past lives, unresolved internal conflicts, genetic carryovers or from attached foreign energies. These are the negative forcing functions. There is no other place where these difficulties can come from. In Direct Age Regression, a person can be directed to go back to a specific time or place in this life. For instance, if the person consciously recalls that a traumatic event happened at some particular time of this life, it might be wise to go back to that time /event and release the energy connected with it for healing. In Indirect Regression, the therapist simply asks the subconscious mind to go back to the source of the present life difficulty. In my practice, when I do this, the client goes back to a past life 75 percent of the time.

However, there is a problem with all regression therapy. If there are attached foreign energies on the person, you cannot reach the subconscious self. If, for instance, there is an attached earthbound spirit of a person who has died and not gone to the light, the regression takes place on the attached earthbound spirit and not on the client. All the psychotherapy in the world on an attached entity is not going to help the client. In order to do effective regression therapy on the client, whether for this life or a past life, he must be free of any attached foreign energies. Otherwise, the regression is in vain and no lasting benefit results.

I have found that the presences of attached entities on the client are the principal reason why so much psychotherapy fails. It is imperative that all attached entities be removed before any therapy is begun. In many cases, removal of the entities if there are any solves the client's presenting problem. In my practice, when the entities are released, the problems disappear 70 percent of the time. If the entities brought the problems, when they are released the entities take their problems with them when they leave. If entities are not the sole problem source, you can at least now get to the subconscious to resolve the other negative forcing functions causing the problems. Once all the entities are removed, then past life regression therapy can be a very powerful technique in resolving past life experiences that manifest as problems in this life.

So many therapists will put a client into hypnosis and try to reprogram their subconscious Self by embedding beneficial suggestions into the Subconscious without knowing if the Self is accessible. If the client is not clear, the beneficial suggestions fall on a deaf subconscious ear and nothing changes. This is like throwing good grass seed onto a concrete driveway. It will not grow. In order to make it possible for that grass seed to take root and grow vigorously it is necessary to first remove the concrete and prepare the soil. This is analogous to clearing the client's subconscious Self before trying to embed beneficial suggestions into the Subconscious and expect them to result in change.

Sometimes, if there is an entity on the person, and you remove it - the problem persists. This means that the entity did not bring the problem that the person is complaining about. The therapist can now find the source of the problem, because he has access to the Subconscious Self once the entity is removed. Here is where Regression Therapy is so valuable.

Because the Self is now accessible, Regression Therapy can be very healing. Moreover, if the source of the problem is, indeed, in a past life, it is now possible to access that past life and release the energy associated with the sensitizing events and the person can be cleared. Once cleared, reprogramming of the Subconscious with beneficial suggestions that will produce change is possible and the person's life will be changed.

Therefore, whether for recreational or therapeutic purposes, you cannot do effective regression, including past life regression if there is anything attached to the person. The effective therapist will always ascertain if the client is free of attachments before continuing therapy. Unfortunately, not many therapists are aware of spirit attachments or know how to deal with them - so, much therapy is unproductive since 90% - 98% of people have attachments at some time in their lives.


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