Parallel Universe Effects

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

In the Western world, the concept that we live in a single universe is accepted by just about everyone except metaphysical people who have long thought that we live in parallel universes. Physicists in their research to resolve the singularity that exists between quantum mechanics and relativistic theory have developed string theory which has now evolved into membrane theory. This advanced work is principally being done at Princeton in New Jersey and at Cambridge in England. Quantum mechanics works very well for very small particles and Einstein's theory of relativity works very well for larger particles, but both of them fall apart when you try to integrate them and this causes the singularity. It's a singularity like the Big Bang. Membrane theory requires 11 dimensions for the mathematics to work. Metaphysicians always said we live in 11 parallel universes or 11 dimensions of reality. It sounds like science has now confirmed what metaphysicians have long held to be the truth. Science looks at 11 physical dimensions and is having a very difficult time figuring out how 11 dimensions can fit into the physical concept. I believe that the 11 dimensions are metaphysical dimensions and not physical dimensions and that they represent separate dimensions of reality.

The concept of parallel universes works very well in my work which is based on getting rid of the negative forcing function energy in the subconscious that reduces or blocks the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body and also installs and supports negative programs on the subconscious hard drive. I have encountered many cases with my clients where I could only get rid of the negative forcing function energy if I went into their parallel dimensions of reality to find the source energy. This is especially true for people afflicted with addictions to drugs, inability to discern their reality, curses, ET's and other energy related transfer problems in the brain.

I've also been able to discern that many vivid dreams and past lifetimes are actually occurring now in another dimension of their own realities. I have found out that a Meta Consciousness connects all 11 dimensions of reality. This includes our present reality. Negative source energy in all 11 dimensions of reality is distributed over some of the other 11 dimensions If we are having an addiction problem for instance in this reality and we can't find the source energy in this dimension, then we must look for it in other dimensions by exploring the other realities for the source energy using the Meta Consciousness. In every case like this where I have sought the negative energy source I have found it outside of the present reality. Furthermore, when I have resolved the negative forcing function in a parallel dimension of reality it has resolved the addiction problem in this present reality.

This technique seems to work best on those conditions that have to do with hallucinations and with problems discerning true reality. This is why it works so well with dreams, addictions and other hallucinatory problems. It is very interesting that dealing with negative forcing function energies in the parallel dimensions of reality works just the same as it does in our present reality. Getting rid of the demon, an earthbound spirit, soul mind fragments, ET's or a negative past life energy follows the same path of resolution.

ET's or extraterrestrials problems are particularly prone to easier resolution by using parallel realities. In many cases involving ET's harassing clients in this dimension, I have resolved their problem by finding it in one or more of their parallel realities. This also explains why so many people who speak about ET harassment and abduction are unable to successfully demonstrate these conditions to scientists who are trying to resolve the problem. Since the scientist cannot see the ET's or participate in the abduction, which has occurred in another reality in a parallel universe, they tend to ignore the person's problem or simply label them as kooks. I have been able to free many clients of their ET problems by going to their parallel realities where such problems currently exist and resolve the problem there.

The concept of parallel dimensions of reality helps hypnotherapists resolve negative energy conditions when we cannot establish communication with attachments who interfere with a client's life. In the past when we couldn't get attachments to talk to us through the hypnotized client, we would simply clear the layer of consciousness and hope we got the attachment energy to go. The problem with this is that we loose the benefit of getting the clients subconscious to relate the problems to the energies we just got rid of and this makes it more difficult for the subconscious to let go of the client's problems. I have encountered this difficulty many times in my practice. Parallel universes really help this situation.


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