Negative Forcing Functions In The Subconscious Mind

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


Negative Forcing Functions restrict your life force and affect how you feel and behave. You must get rid of them to heal.

When a client comes to me with problems, be they mental, or physical, I always tell them that I do not work on illnesses or symptoms as that is for the medical profession. I do not practice medicine. I am a Hypnotherapist and I work on the bodys energy using hypnosis. By correcting the bodys energy flow, many of the symptoms, which the client may be experiencing, can disappear.

Bear in mind that illness symptoms are usually only the outward manifestations of an inner problem, which has screwed up the persons energy field. In the model for healing that I use, the symptoms may be temporarily eased, only to reappear when the treatment being applied is discontinued.

Negative Forcing Functions (NFF) are caused by bad things that happen to us either in this life, a past life, from a genetic carryover from our biological ancestors, from unresolved internal conflict or from an attached external energy (entity). Negative Forcing Functions cause a distortion in the bodys energy field, which inhibits (blocks) the flow of Chi (Prana or Life Force) through the body and installs a negative program in the subconscious minds hard drive. The subconscious mind is a bio-computer and it operates on the programs, which are installed in it. The NFF continues to reinforce the negative program it has installed and imbeds it deeper and deeper into the subconscious.

To achieve permanent respite from a NFF requires that it be found, the energy within it be released and a new program, which opposes the negative one, must be installed that overrides the negative program in the subconscious. If an entity is attached to the person, it must first be removed; otherwise, you cannot reach the subconscious NFF as the entity is a barrier to accessing it.

Tara, 32, had severe panic attacks almost daily since childhood. Traditional medicine alleviated her condition with Xanax or other drugs. However, if she did not take the drug, the panic attacks reappeared quickly. Over the years, she developed tolerance to the drugs and so they did not work so well without increasing dosage and often had severe side effects. She tried psychotherapy several times to little avail, achieving some benefit but nothing permanent, so she decided to try Hypnotherapy.

After removing a Demon that was attracted by her fear, I found that the panic attacks were caused by terrifying fears from childhood, which engendered an ego-state (inner child) frozen in time with the disassociation energy in it. This was buried in the subconscious and was the causal FF. Getting rid of the Demon, finding this fear FF, releasing its energy and then reprogramming the subconscious with a positive program, which opposed the reinforced fear program, caused the panic attacks to disappear and she continued to live a comfortable life without drugs.


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