Remote Session On A Woman With An Attached Earthbound Spirit

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Sue called me about her mother Molly, age 66, who last summer began to feel very badly. She had terrible headaches, her chest ached like she was having a heart attack, she had terrible pains in her arms and legs, had strange desires like wanting to smoke and expressed ideas about sex, which she never mentioned to her daughter before. Molly was usually a very healthy and happy person.

In the spring of last year Molly witnessed a motorcycle accident as she was walking along the road. A motorcycle at high speed crashed into the back end of a heavy truck that had stopped and the motorcyclist was killed. He was dressed in black leather and was a member of a motorcycle club like the Hell's Angels. The young man was around 34 years old. His head was crushed, as was his chest, and his legs and arms were broken. He died on impact with the truck sliding under it.

Molly's doctor and several specialists examined her and found no physical reasons for the difficulties she was experiencing. They put her on tranquilizers and antidepressants, but they didn't seem to help much. So, Sue called me in late February and asked if I could help her mother. I of course told her that I could not treat any of her conditions but I'd be glad to see what I could do to clear her and see if that would help. Sue said her mother was in a lot of pain and couldn't travel comfortably, and they were located over 1000 miles from Atlanta, so I suggested that a remote session might be appropriate. Sue agreed, and sent me the required information needed to do a remote on her mother.

I found three demons on Molly that came into her when she witnessed the accident. The accident scared Molly, and that dropped her psychic defense system, her Guardian Chi, and made her open to foreign energy attachments. Demons are always attracted to people of the light because their mission is to destroy those people, and they use any opportunity when the psychic defense system is down to get into those good people, exacerbating any negative energy in the person, leading to the person's destruction.

I found the earthbound spirit of Jackson, the motorcyclist, attached to Molly and he brought with him the energy of his death and the negative energy of his life to her. The three demons also came in. Jackson's final memories were feeling the pain of the encounter with the truck as his body was mangled, and then a feeling of peace and smugness as he entered Molly, whose Guardian Chi was down because of the fear of witnessing the accident. He also told me that he took drugs, drank a lot of alcohol and was addicted to sex and smoking. People who die violently often do not see the light, and so do not go to it. Instead, they will attach to a convenient person and that person takes on the energy of the earthbound spirit. In this case, proximity was the convenience that attracted Jackson to Molly.

It took ten days to repair the cell damage caused by the negative energy that was on the two layers of consciousness I was able to reach. I used Reiki and Karuna Ki energy to repair the cell damage. We were fortunate that the major part of the negative energy from Jackson was on these two layers I was able to clear. Because of this, most of the problems that he brought to Molly disappeared when he was released. Molly's Chi flow was restored to the cell communities of her body, and reading her remote sessions were sufficient reprogramming to allow processing to occur at the deeper levels of her subconscious.

Within a couple of months after the remote clearing, Molly was back to her old self!

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