Monsters of the Id

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


It's the negative stuff in our subconscious minds that makes us sick and miserable
-- to get well, you've got to get it out!

What are the monsters within us that keep us sick -- that keep reigniting the flames of misery when we think we have snuffed them out by wondrous therapies, only to have them reappear stronger than before? We do what the therapist says we think we have cleared ourselves we take the potions, guaranteed to heal us and maybe we feel better for a short while, only to have the malady recur and we feel bad again. What in us causes this to happen?

The culprits are monsters in the subconscious mind called Forcing Functions. These generators keep adding energy to the systems within us that are making us feel bad. Harmful things that happened to us in this life or a past life, an unresolved internal conflict, a deleterious physical genetic encoding from our ancestors or an attached entity, cause forcing Functions. The effect of the Forcing Function is to keep re-stimulating the problem and reinforce the negative program, which it created within us.

As long as Forcing Functions remain in the subconscious, no therapy can be successful over the long term. As soon as therapy stops, the problem is restarted from the Forcing Function energy and the difficulty is re-created. The negative program created by the Forcing Function continues to operate and is continually reinforced by the energy. Since the programs in the subconscious determine the sufferers behavior and response to life - he is miserable again.

The only way to achieve permanent healing is to eliminate the Forcing Function(s) from the subconscious self and the only way into the subconscious is through hypnosis. Therefore, a competent Hypnotherapist will find and eliminate the Forcing Function(s) and reprogram the subconscious. Then the sufferer is healed permanently.

The reason most therapy fails is that the therapist cannot reach the subconscious self if there is an attached entity on the person. In order to find and eliminate the Forcing Function so that the subconscious bio-computer can be re-programmed, the therapist must first release any entities there. Entity attachment is an impenetrable barrier to reaching the subconscious self.

The majority of therapists does not believe in entity attachments or are afraid to deal with them -- so, they do not and their therapy is ineffective. For instance -- if the Forcing Function is from something that happened in a previous life, regression therapy is required to find and release the negative energy associated with the event but, if there is an attached earthbound spirit on the person, the regression is done on the attached entity and not on the person. All the psychotherapy in the world on the attached spirit is not going to help the person.

So, if you have monsters in you that are preventing you from getting permanently well, seek out a Hypnotherapist who knows how to deal with Spirit Attachment and your life can really change for the better.


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