Leg Problems

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


The problem belonged to the entity -- not her!

Getting rid of entity attachments is often only the first step in helping the client. However, it is a vital step and makes the difference between success and failure. The original forcing function causing the problem (the core issue) may be buried deep in the subconscious self in an internal conflict, repressed memories from this life or a past life or from a genetic carryover. If entities are present, they may have been drawn to the person by the problem, which the person already had, and the effect of the entity is to exacerbate the existing problem. But, even if the core forcing function started in the persons self and was not originally brought by the entity, the entity must be removed first or you cannot get to the self and release the core forcing function.

Therefore, the first thing that should be done in any psychotherapy is to check for entities and remove them before proceeding. If an entity is present, psychotherapy on the Self is useless because entities are an impenetrable barrier to reaching the subconscious Self and nothing will change permanently.

Darla, 44 years old suffered from swollen and aching legs since she was 8 years old. Medical doctors concluded there was nothing organically wrong. They especially checked her kidneys because kidney problems sometimes cause swelling. They prescribed water pills, but they dehydrated her so she discontinued them. She asked for my help.

I found a 63-year-old man on her who died in 1914 from kidney failure and heart trouble. He said that his legs swelled up and ached all the time before his death. He was on strong pain medication at death. He was attracted to Darla because she reminded him of his self. He joined Darla when she was 8 years old. I got him to leave and take with him all he had brought. When Darla came out of hypnosis, she said she felt lighter and her legs did not ache.

When Darla came back 4 weeks later, her legs did not ache, but the swelling had not disappeared. I then did regression therapy and found a previous life where she had her legs and feet bound up tight for torture and was been beaten to death. I released the energy of this event and brought her out of hypnosis. She felt very good and said her legs felt even lighter.

The original core forcing function was the past life event. It made Darla attractive to the entity, as like energies attract. The entity, attracted by the like energy, brought with him his energy and compounded Darlas past life problem. Now that both forcing functions were removed, it was possible to reprogram Darla with positive programs of freedom from pain and swelling. Over time, the swelling in her legs subsided and she lives comfortably without pain or swelling.


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