Ideomotor Response and Automatic Writing

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


Properly trained Hypnotherapists have many diagnostic techniques available to them to help determine the kind of negative forcing functions within the client that are at the root of his problems. Two of the diagnostic uncovering techniques that I often use in my practice are the ideomotor response and automatic writing. I also use shamanic techniques, energy suppression, the Rossi Technique, Parts Therapy and other techniques as a way of communicating with the subconscious to find the festering sores within the client that are causing his symptoms.

In this article, I will discuss the ideomotor response and automatic writing because they are often misunderstood and confusing to clients. Actually, they are both variations of the same subconscious response phenomena…getting the subconscious to help us figure out what is wrong with the client and how to fix it. Sometimes, I can get entities to help me with the symptom diagnosis, but you can’t always trust them, particularly if demons are involved, so these two automatic subconscious communication techniques are quite valuable in figuring out which treatment approach is most likely to succeed.

"Hypnosis is only the revelation of the subconscious. Hypnosis is also communication with the very limits of imagination and the unknown world."

This extract was given to me in answer to a question I asked a 16-year-old boy while he was in a hypnotic trance. I had been working with this client for several sessions clearing entities and was not attempting to tap into his higher level of consciousness, which Jung called the “Superconscious Mind” or the "High Self."

The Kahunas, a priestly caste in Hawaii used to move into an altered state of consciousness and gain access to information, which was of considerable importance to the people of their country. "Jeffery," the client I was working with was a boy of average intelligence who had come to me initially with a severe complaint, which I had been treating with Spirit Releasement Therapy and he had improved greatly, but was not entirely out of the woods. He proved to be an individual who could go into a very deep trance and hence my attempt to explore along these lines.

Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to get a verbal response from the client after the entities are removed, so I resorted to automatic writing.

After providing him with pencil and paper, he produced the above extract in "automatic writing." At the time, I did not concern myself about the process but was more interested in the result. At a later stage, particularly in relation to the various functions of the brain, I found that the left hemisphere is the controller of writing. It would also appear that the right side of the brain functions through creativity, visualization and intuition. I now believe that this area is where dreams are produced. Because of this, it seems logical to accept that this is the focal point for hypnosis. Therefore, a successful trance induction occurs when the activity of the left hemisphere (the critical, logical section) is subdued and the opposite portion is stimulated by hypnotic suggestion.

The higher level of consciousness prefers to communicate by either ideomotor finger response or automatic writing, but will, if it chooses, communicate verbally. This also shows how the process of idiomatic finger response signals work. The critical factor of the conscious mind is by-passed and access to the subconscious mind is achieved. The subconscious then uses the autonomic nervous system to activate the appropriate finger of the client's hand and provides a yes or no answer to the hypnotherapist’s question. Sometimes the idiomatic finger response does not work and then I try automatic writing. They are both variations of ideomotor response because both use the subconscious autonomic nervous system to provide the answer.

When "Jeffery" wrote the words "communication with the very limits of imagination and the unknown world," could he have been referring to that part of the individual which is the divine within?… the High Self… the Self which uses imagination or image-making to create its own reality? Carl Jung said "Our unconscious existence is the real one and the conscious world is a kind of illusion… an apparent reality constructed for a specific purpose, like a dream, which seems real as long as we are in it."

Hindu philosophy describes the physical world as Maya or illusion. Could it be that what we perceive as "real" is actually an extended dream of our High Self?

Previously, I had been able to achieve a similar level of consciousness with a 19-year-old client "Denise." Once again, this individual was of average intelligence and had come to me seeking treatment for a nervous problem. I got rid of the negative forcing functions I could find, but her nervousness continued. I again employed automatic writing to tap into her High Self. When asked whether the High Self could write answers to questions as whether hypnosis would be harmful to her she wrote. "The Divine Self and High Mind have certain intervals wherein hypnosis may be beneficial both to client and hypnotist. However, certain times are more favorable than others are. You see, the mind, as powerful as it may be, has its profitable moments as well as the correct cooperation of individual mind and practitioner. You must understand the mind is such a potent structure and must be treated with respect.... "

From the above I took it to mean that if there was a high mind, then there must be a low mind and that these must equate to the conscious and subconscious. The Divine self is the High Self. It was obvious to me that "Denise" had had no prior knowledge of this, therefore it would seem that she had obtained information from some greater source than what she would normally use. I then asked for a diagnosis of her nervous troubles. She wrote the following.

"Suppressed emotions. Finds difficulty in expressing herself, due to childhood and mixed background. These feelings are tense and unyielding, mainly because of fear and confusion due to parental guidance. Mother had a great effect on her emotions. Caused a great shattering impact, something like a mental block. This disability had great projection into mental force vibrations and rays of uneasiness have impregnated the girl's subconscious. However, this has to be remedied by a slow course of time and patience: by gradual improvement and understanding this mental force will disassemble itself and the auras of this stigma will eventually cease."

Subsequent treatment with hypnotherapy enabled the cause of the girl's problem to be identified and worked on and she was able to demonstrate a much more stable personality.

During the sessions I had with "Jeffrey," he had also diagnosed his own physical and emotional condition. Treatment for this was once again successful and even incorporated ridding him of a worm infestation with appropriate medication. He had pinpointed this problem during his automatic writing.

In my work along these lines, I was influenced by the work of the great American psychic Edgar Cayce. For the greater part of his life, this man was able to put himself into a self-induced hypnotic trance and while in this state could answer questions on any topic asked of him. In total he gave some 15,000 readings which were mainly concerned with health, and involved diagnosis and appropriate treatment. People would write to him from all over the world asking for his help and in most cases he was successful in solving their problems. He was consulted by several U.S. Presidents and many world famous persons during his life.

Apart from his health readings, Cayce provided information from the distant past, a lot of which has been since verified, and he gave predictions of the future. In his trance state, this man said that the information he obtained came from something called the Akashic records, where his mind in an altered state had access to it. Jung has called these Akashic Records, the collective unconscious and considered it to be a timeless state where past, present and future was one. Albert Einstein made this statement: "Any thinking physicist must come to the conclusion that time and space are illusions."

A number of the world's scientists, particularly those involved with quantum physics are also of the same opinion. Throughout history, there have been individuals who have had experiences, which have gone far beyond anything human beings normally had. These have mostly resulted in a spontaneous alteration of consciousness wherein the person has had a vast expansion of awareness. There is a feeling of release from separateness and a merging in oneness with the whole of creation. The famous Harvard philosopher William James has listed a number of cases of these phenomena from many of the world's different cultures. These are the client matter in his book "Varieties of Religious Experience."

In many instances working with hypnotic regression, I sometime run up against a barrier as to the problem cause. This can be very frustrating but on a few occasions, I have been able to tap into the client’s High Self and received the explanation. "Susan" was such a case. She was a pleasant woman in her sixties who was grossly overweight. She weighed 220 pounds. After getting rid of entities both earthbound and demonic who were attracted to her weight problem for exacerbation, and finding her a particularly good hypnotic client, I decided to see whether she could access her High Self. I had tried without success to find if there was any past cause for her weight condition using past life work. Her High Self was able to speak in answer to my questioning. The High Self can speak verbally or through automatic writing. The spoken word is quicker if the High Self chooses to use it. In this case it did.

Speaking as though she was someone apart from herself, "Susan" related the following story:

"As a child of five "Susan" went to stay with her grandmother. On one occasion while the child was in the bath, her grandfather came into the bathroom and sexually assaulted her. The grandmother happened to walk past the bathroom window, which was open and saw what was happening. She rushed inside, chased "Susan" out of the room and attacked the grandfather, and then she came out and beat the child until she was unconscious."

I asked her High Self what this had to do with her weight problem and received the following answer:

"Because of the trauma she experienced, she has unconsciously put on excess weight so she would not be attractive to men."

Having practiced hypnotherapy for 24 years, I would like to put forward the conclusions I have reached regarding this phenomena. I consider that there are various levels of consciousness, which are part of the individual. Normally we function on the level of the conscious mind. This is a limiting factor since it focuses mainly on the body and the personality. The body and the physical world are illusions and are dream­like projections of the subconscious mind. Since the soul consists of the High Self (our connection to Divinity) and also includes the subconscious mind, We can consider that the subconscious is a mind of the soul and exists in a timeless state. The High Self and the subconscious mind, which constitute the soul, are what reincarnate. The conscious mind does not.

Consider the example of hypnotic regression, where a client is regressed to a past happening, and experiences the event completely with full emotional impact as though he was actually reliving the experience. The subconscious mind, because it is an analog, parallel processing super bio-computer has memory banks, which are accessable under hypnosis. Under hypnosis, the critical factor of the conscious mind is by-passed and the answers you get from the subconscious are simply the imagination unfiltered by the conscious mind. This is why most people coming out of interactive hypnotherapy usually say, “I was only making up a story”.

All subconscious minds through the High Self are intimately connected and because of this, phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and clairaudience can filter down under certain conditions into the conscious mind. Hypnosis is one of these conditions. At the highest level, or superconscious mind level, all minds completely blend into one. This is the condition that some enlightened beings have experienced.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," can take on new meaning if we accept this concept. What I do to or think about another can have a harmful physical or emotional effect on myself. This can bring about a stimulation of the endocrine glands, which can release secretions harmful to the body if the thought involved is of a negative nature.

In the Course In Miracles, there is one prime concept that I regard as of prime importance in hypnotherapy. It is helping the client to forgive anyone in the past from which he has experienced a real or imagined attack. If there is someone out there you cannot forgive, then you cannot forgive yourself, in which case subconscious guilt develops. Guilt attracts punishment. And who punishes you?...You do! This can manifest in physical or emotional illness. Perhaps this is where the idea of Karma originated.

William Shakespeare, who, among other things, was a wise old psychologist, included these words in one of his plays: "We are the stuff that dreams are made of."

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