Hypnotherapy, Modality For The Millennium

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


Hypnotherapy is a very powerful healing modality because it accesses the subconscious mind where all the problem sources are buried - but it must be done right!

People are hailing the newly rediscovered, yet ancient, healing modality of Hypnotherapy as the wonder of Alternative Medicine. But, why doesnt it always work? Is it because it really isn't that great? On the other hand, is it, maybe, because it's not always being done right.

Hypnotherapy heals because it can reach the subconscious mind, where according to medical authority about 85% of disease originates psychosomatically. Some authorities say all disease is of the mind. Because of modern medicines great cost and lack of insurance by so many, there is a great clamor for less costly healing approaches. In addition, hypnosis enhances peoples lives by helping them to be more successful personally and professionally.

Hypnosis is a very old technique that permits the Critical Factor of the Conscious Mind to be by-passed. This produces a highly receptive subconscious state of mind into which beneficial suggestions can be offered. Hypnosis itself is no big deal. One can easily learn to hypnotize in a 3-day weekend course. What the hypnotist does with the client after he is in hypnosis is what makes the difference in whether the client is helped. It is here, that therapy is done and makes the hypnotist a Hypnotherapist.

Many hypnotists are trained to hypnotize, but are not trained to be Hypnotherapists. These hypnotists hypnotize a person and while in this receptive state, the hypnotist reads him a prescription to reprogram his subconscious mind. For instance, for smoking the hypnotist reads suggestions to stop smoking. The same technique is used for weight loss, addictions, etc. These are not very effective, achieving little more success than the placebo effect. This is why many such programs are so ineffective in the long haul.

Why is this so? For every difficulty a person has, there is a cause, a Negative Forcing Function in the subconscious mind. THIS CAUSE IS ALWAYS FROM SOMETHING BAD THAT HAPPENED TO US IN THIS LIFE OR A PAST LIFE, A BIOLOGICAL CARRYOVER FROM THE ANCESTORS, UNRESOLVED INTERNAL CONFLICTS OR FROM AN ATTACHED ENERGY. The cause must be uncovered and removed and only then, can the subconscious be reprogrammed so that the difficulty will not reestablish.

Techniques for uncovering the cause of the distress are many and the skilled Hypnotherapist has available an impressive array of uncovering methods with which to find the distress source(s). After finding it, the Hypnotherapist must then choose from an equally impressive list of techniques to eradicate the distress source energy. The well-trained Hypnotherapist will choose the most appropriate and effective uncovering and energy removal techniques depending on the particular needs of the client. Once the distress source Negative Forcing Function is found and the energy released, the Hypnotherapist can now reprogram the subconscious and permanent healing can happen.

The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), which is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious certification organization in the world, trains competent Hypnotherapists. NGH has chapters all over the USA and is represented in 44 countries around the world. NGH certification requires a minimum of 100 hours of core curriculum instruction. This is very important because the States are moving towards registration or licensing governing the practice of Hypnotherapy and unapproved hypnotherapy training not meeting practice requirements will be useless in the future. The NGH and its affiliate The National Federation of Hypnotists (104 OPEIU AFL-CIO) are in the forefront of this legislation around the world.

In the Atlanta area, The Inner Space offers classes leading to full certification by the NGH. The NGH Certified Hypnotherapy Training developed by Dr. Richard Hart of New York, is based on 50 years of research and proven field-tested behavioral programs. The Certification Curriculum provides a complete classical education in hypnotherapy enabling graduates to immediately become practicing Hypnotherapists.

On completion of the Certification Curriculum, graduates will be able to help clients with phobias, self-confidence and esteem issues, weight and smoking problems, sports performance, career counseling, sales performance and most other issues presented to Hypnotherapists in their practice.

This course is designed for:

  • Those who want to work with people in a private professional practice of their own (full or part time)
  • All mental health professionals including therapists, counselors, social workers and nurses desiring to enhance their skills and add Hypnosis as a short-term treatment modality
  • Everyone interested in learning Self-Hypnosis for self improvement
  • The modern Hypnotherapist interested in learning group leadership skills and programs which can be offered to private, corporate and government clients.

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