Heart Scare

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Recently a former client of mine named Mary, age 67 called me from a hospital bed in California. She was attending a conference in California having to do with discovering patterns in your life related to your parents' problems. The first day of the conference had been three days previously.

On the third day of the conference she began to feel sick and was experiencing severe chest pain and massive heaviness in her chest. She told the supervisor of the class about how she was feeling and the supervisor called 911 and an ambulance came and picked her up and took her to a local hospital. She went into the hospital about three o'clock in the afternoon California Time. She began receiving tests and other emergency room procedures for a heart attack. She was taken to a room to await further testing. About five clock, the pains and heaviness in her chest increased to the point where she was afraid she was going to die. She became much more frightened than she had been and for some reason remembered the work I had done on her years ago. She called me about five o'clock, explained the problem she was experiencing and asked me to do a remote clearing on her.

Because she was a former client of mine and she was so scared I agreed to do the remote on her. She was 3000 miles away and there was no other way I could help her and because my intention was to help, I could not harm her doing remote spiritual work on her to aid her. It was like praying for her, which I did anyway as I always do for everyone I work on whether it is a remote or in person.

I found a Soul-Mind-Fragment (SMF) of another woman (let's call her Pat just to make it easier to distinguish between them) on her that Mary picked up on the opening day of the conference. The woman (Pat) had obviously fragmented at some time before from trauma in her life and had the earthbound spirit (EB) of a 73-year-old man named Daniel on her who died of a heart attack in 1847. Daniel had three Dark force Energies (DFE's) on him who had exacerbated the symptoms of Daniel's heart problem. Mary was open, that is, her psychic defense system (Guardian Chi) was down because of stress on her caused by recent domestic problems with her husband including newly discovered cancer in him. The SMF of Pat came into Mary and brought with it not only the trauma energy that caused her fragmentation, but also the EB of Daniel and his three demons.

So, here was poor Mary, 3,000 miles away from home, fragmented herself by her problems and the recipient of Pat's SMF and the other stuff that came with it. When someone else's SMF attaches to you, which it can if your Guardian Chi is down making you vulnerable, it brings with it the energy that caused it to fragment and often, any other attachments on the fragmented person -- in this case, Daniel and the 3 demons. EB's bring with them the energy of their death and the negative energy of their life, so Mary got Daniel's heart problem energies as well as Pat's fragmentation energy and the demons that always want to destroy good people. Mary really got a load of very bad stuff and it could kill her. I released all the foreign energies on her and restored her life force energy flow to the cell communities of her body.

I did the remote in about two and a half hours, and received a call back from Mary about two hours after I finished. She was feeling much better. The chest pains were disappearing and the pressure in her chest had left. She called me the following morning and said that she was feeling quite good, was being discharged from the hospital and was heading back to the conference. She said she would call me when she returned home so I could help her with her own fragmentation caused by problems with her husband. She did and I did, and she is doing fine.


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