Healing With Unconditional Love

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Suffering people often come to me riddled with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems. I can often get rid of most of their problems by clearing their layers of consciousness, which are contaminated with negative forcing function energy. Often there are many layers of consciousness to clear because the negative energy is distributed over multiple layers. Although the usual number runs between three and six layers that need clearing, I have had clients who have had as many as 35 layers of consciousness that had to be cleared before effective relief was obtained. This can take a long time and cost a lot of money. Because of the time and expense involved, people want to know how to prevent re-contaminating layers of consciousness, which cause the many problems they have.

Once the client is clear and they begin to feel better, they want to know how to keep on feeling better without constantly going through multiple clearing processes. One way to do that is to be cleared as soon as you begin to feel a little bit bad. Another way is to simply keep your psychic defense system strong so that foreign energies can't attach to you. Keeping yourself positive is a great way to maintain the psychic defense system. But all of these ways require vigilance on our part and then action which we tend not to do simply because we are lazy or we forget.

Within each person dwells the light of the creator who created us with unconditional love. That unconditional love is in the spiritual center of our being which many people think is in the solar plexus area of the body. Once I get people clear I usually install a trigger, or in NLP it's known as an anchor, so that the client can bring to conscious awareness through this trigger the fact that unconditional love dwells within him. The unconditional love comes from the creator and is the creator's love for us, but within our own lives unconditional love starts with loving ourselves. And unconditional love for us means taking care of ourselves, protecting ourselves, honoring ourselves and living without illness of any kind.

So, once our subconscious is clear of all negative forcing function layers, to be well all the time simply requires that we love ourselves unconditionally. This means that we love ourselves completely. And you are worthy of love because you were created by love… not the love of your parents… but by the love of God who dwells within you. So you truly can love yourself completely and unconditionally. And your love is real love. You love yourself and healthy ways. Your love is never narcissistic. You love and accept yourself completely. You love yourself unconditionally.

There are no strings attached to your love for yourself. You are kind to yourself … you pamper and care for yourself … you show your love to yourself and you demonstrate your love to yourself in all ways… you honor and protect yourself. You know that guilt and all other negative feelings are not loving to yourself, so you simply let them go. You release all fear, all anger all doubt and all other negative feelings because they are not loving feelings toward yourself and they harm only you. So, you cleanse yourself of all negative feelings and replace them with love and joy and happiness.

It's easy to talk about unconditional love for ourselves but I don't think it's that easy for most of us to love ourselves. In working with some of my clients I have advised them to not worry about trying to love themselves but to go to the feeling of love and just let it pervade their whole self. For instance, many people who love animals like a dog or cat or a lamb or bird can feel unconditional love for them and that's because the animal is projecting unconditional love at the person. Think about that feeling of unconditional love you have for your dog your cat or other animal and just allow it to flow through you. Feel the warmth in your stomach and intestines of unconditional love for your animal. That unconditional love for your animal and by your animal for you is the same unconditional love that God has for you and that created you. Allow yourself to bask in that love. Let it flow through you and ignore all illness… all negativity. Let yourself in all your relations with other people always come from love and you will find great and wonderful changes happening automatically in your life. You don't have to be focusing on the chakras and energy techniques and all the other hundreds of things that we do to try to feel better. Just feel that unconditional love that's within you and let yourself always come from love and watch how your life changes in a positive way without you doing much else.


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