Healing With Hypnotherapy

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

This is the first of a seven-part series of articles leading to the final article, which discusses "How Hypnotherapy Heals". The seven articles are:


1. The Superconscious Mind
2. The Conscious Mind
3. Nature of the Subconscious Mind
4. Conditioning The Subconscious Mind
5. How The Subconscious Mind Functions
6. The Eastern Disease Model
7. How Hypnotherapy Heals

To understand how Hypnotherapy works to heal, it is important to understand how your Mind works. We really have three very separate and distinct minds. Three Selves that do different things. These are:


1. The Super Conscious Mind (High Self)
2. The Conscious Mind (Middle Self)
3. The Subconscious Mind (Low Self or Inner Self) which has, as a part of it, the Unconscious Mind

Article 1
The Super Conscious Mind (High Self)

     The High Self is the most intelligent and most elegant Self of your three Selves. It can be called your Super Conscious, your super natural Self or the deepest consciousness level of your being. High Self is totally aware of both the Conscious and Subconscious Selves. Its purpose is assisting the other two Selves to grow and develop on the path from ignorance to wisdom through experience.
     High Self is neither male nor female, but unites the masculine and feminine within us into one great power. It acts as parent, but in such a wise way it's hard to understand how it functions. It never interferes unless it is truly needed and asked. It can only be accessed through our Subconscious Self. The Conscious Mind cannot directly contact the High Self.
     The High Self has Meta needs. These are the needs that go beyond physical personal and social needs. Meta needs include the need for Truth, Being, Justice, Wisdom and Humor. When these needs are satisfied, we are able to perceive a higher justice than social justice, a wisdom that goes beyond knowledge and a love that moves from conditional to unconditional caring.
     High Self is the source within us from which love flows. Love is a spiritual force and is the most powerful force there is. It is the force that springs from our connection to Infinite Love, the source of our existence. Love is the force that heals, but it cannot be directly accessed consciously -- it must be accessed through the Subconscious Self.
A healthy body with a healthy ego is well equipped to serve the High Self by seeking satisfactions for its Meta needs. As your High Self's needs are met, you will be the beneficiary. Your Subconscious Self is the Channel through which you communicate and give to your High Self. The Subconscious self is also the channel through which you receive from your High Self. Without your Subconscious Self as intermediary, you cannot work closely or benefit from the forces of the High Self.
     To our High Selves, we are perfect just the way we are. The Conscious Mind can begin to emulate the High Self by developing an unconditional love for its own Subconscious Self by assuring it that it is perfect, acceptable, global and admirable in the view of the Conscious Mind.
     The High Self is as different from you, as your rational intuitive Mind is from the elemental consciousness of your Subconscious Self. We can best understand the High Self by thinking about its divine qualities of total acceptance and unconditional love, it's powerful will and it's great wisdom
     All High Selves work with "harm to non-, service to many" as their prime commandment. The symbol of a High Self is wings. In nearly every culture, some symbol is used to depict the High Self with wings. In Mexico we find the winged serpent, in Christianity we find winged Angels, in the Tarot deck the High Self is a face with wings. This is an archetype symbol that has influenced mankind throughout history all over the Globe. While Mother Nature rules the Subconscious Self and the Conscious Self is ruled by the upper world of living beings (society, culture), High Self is ruled by Hermes, God of wisdom
     The Super Conscious Mind or High Self is part of the Soul. This allows it to access and be a part of the Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Intelligence spoken of by Carl Jung. This access is what makes it possible for all of us to tap into infinite knowledge and provides us with our psychic insights. It is our connection to the infinite and is the part of us that is divine. It is we in our most rapturous raiment, our most sublime expression of being. It is this Self that unites us with every other living creature and makes us a member of the brotherhood of men.

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