Heal and Improve Everything in Your Life

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


Release all the negative stuff in your subconscious and become a great performer!

Hypnotherapy, in addition to being a wondrous healing modality, has great utility in increasing performance in sports; job tasks, memory and artistic ability; and can improve relationships and other people dynamics. This occurs because: the person feels better, self confidence increases and stress is reduced, and: once negative forcing functions and programs are removed from the sub-conscious, it can then be positively re-programmed, changing the persons behavior and response to life.

In addition, because the sub-conscious cannot differentiate between reality and imagination, it is possible to repeatedly rehearse a desired performance in the imagination, thus creating a program of excellence in the sub-conscious resulting in improvement.

Zachary, 51 first came to see me about 8 years ago because he was suffering from erratic heartbeats and it was scaring him. He did not like medical doctors for some reason and asked me to help him. I did some energy clearing on him using Shiatsu and the erratic heartbeats disappeared.

He re-contacted me about 3 years ago and told me his life was a mess. His relationships with women were terrible, he constantly felt very stressed, couldnt sleep, erratic heartbeats resumed, his golf game stunk and his law business was in trouble. He was lonely, unhappy and scared and wanted help again.

Several layers of entity attachments had to be removed before I could get to his sub-conscious self for regression therapy and reprogramming. Attached to him was an earthbound spirit of a man who died of a heart attack, the soul-mind fragment of one of his former wives and a demon. The earthbound spirit brought his heart attack death energy to Zachary. The soul-mind fragment of his former wife, who was still alive, was punishing him by bringing negativity into his female relationships and the demon wanted to destroy his life because Zachary had been a great light in a past life and the demon wanted to snuff out that light in this life.

After releasing the entities, I did Past Life Regression on Zachary and discovered several lives where he was a great healer and brought this knowledge to his conscious mind. I then reprogrammed his sub-conscious with positive programs of self-confidence, self-love and success and taught him how to rehearse his golf game under self-hypnosis.

Today, his relationships with women are beautiful; he is selling his law practice and becoming a Hypnotherapist in private practice; his golf game is dramatically improved; he looks and feels good with no erratic heartbeats; the insomnia is gone and he looks forward to life with enthusiasm and joy.


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