Have A Little Patience!

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt


It is very disconcerting that some people, who have long-standing debilitating physical and/or emotional problems, sometime for 20+ years, will come to me and expect me to resolve their problems completely in one session. I guess there are healers like Jesus and Buddha who can do this regularly, but I cannot. Sometimes, I (and the client) luck out and the problem disappears completely with one session, but this is the exception, not the rule. I think it has to do with the fact that most problems are caused by a multiplicity of negative forcing functions and not just one --- and even if it is just one, there is the predicament of cellular memory, particularly in conditions involving pain or physical distortions over a long time period.

Illness--- mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual is caused by the interruption of Chi flow through the body which deprives the cell communities of this Life force Energy that is necessary for healthy functioning of the cellular community, including it's regeneration. When the Chi is reduced or cut off to the cellular community, the cells begin to regenerate as defective cells and illness results. This model of illness is based on the oldest Model of disease that exists, the Eastern disease Model, which is over 4000 years old.

Bad things that happen to us in this life, past lives, unresolved emotional conflicts, genetic carryovers from our ancestors and foreign energy attachments, cause negative forcing functions. These act as energy generators in our subconscious, which distort the body's energy field reducing the flow of Chi, install negative programs in our subconscious and continually reinforce them. These programs determine how we behave, how we feel and how we respond to life. It is very unusual to have only one negative forcing function in an ill client. I have found as many as 35 layers of them, but a good number of my clients have only 3 - 8 layers.

To feel differently, the negative energy generators have to be found and released of their energy, which shuts off support of their installed negative programs in the subconscious. One the bad energy source is shut off, the subconscious can be reprogrammed and the person begins to feel better. However, the cells of the body are used to the negative conditioning and it takes time to reprogram them to proper functioning. I usually use Dr. Ed. Martin's (PATHE Foundation, Houston, TX) Cell Command Therapy to accomplish this, but occasionally if the person has been on long term heavy medication and has had the condition for a very long time, I refer the client for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for detoxification and pain analgesia, and sometimes Neuronal EEG Feedback Therapy to correct brainwave function.

These are very powerful therapies, but they don't work by themselves --- the client must first be cleared and reprogrammed properly and then this protocol works wonderfully. It is impossible to do all of this in one or two sessions. The progenitors of disease do not come instantly, and the generated symptoms do not usually leave instantly when the negative energy generators are removed. In my own illness, before I discovered SRT, I didn't know that removing entities was necessary before the other therapies would work on me. I had regression therapy and Parts therapy and Gestalt therapy, and energy therapy and breath therapy, and Chinese therapy and countless other alternative therapies in addition to western allopathic medicine, psychiatry and psychology without permanent improvement. For instance, I had 72 acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments over a 2-year period and saw psychiatrists for 20 years without success.

Finally, with much trepidation because I was afraid of it, I agreed to SRT because there was nowhere else for me to go. Once cleared of entities, the other therapies began to work for me to release the non-entity related problems and I was on the road to health. After I finally got clear with Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) and additional hypnotherapies to remove my other imbedded negative forcing functions, I began to rapidly improve, but still had some pain and EEG brain wave distortions from a lifetime of negative conditioning. These were corrected with the Chinese and EEG Neuronal therapies and, thank God, the almost total degradation of my life ceased, and I was able to begin enjoying and using my life, rather than just enduring it.

It took years and much expenditure of money to finally get where I needed to go. Even after cleared with SRT, there is much work to do. It doesn't happen overnight, but you must stay with it or continue to suffer. You have to be patient. Maybe that's why the medical profession calls their clients patients.


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