Gut Problems

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

      Many of my clients have problems in their guts when they come to me. I always tell them that I cannot treat any condition, including gut problems because I am not a licensed practitioner. The only thing that I can do is find and release the negative forcing functions in their subconscious minds that inhibit the flow of life force energy through their bodies and then reprogram their subconscious mind, which is a computer, with positive programs that heal. In spite of my disclaimer , people still want me to work on them for their problems and so I do what I do as a hypnotherapist and usually they feel better. Gut problems can be in the stomach or intestines and I just lump them all together under the title of "Gut Problems".

     According to the oldest model of disease on the planet, improper functioning of the cells of the body causes all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. Reduction of the flow of life force energy (Chi) to the cell communities of the body is what usually causes the problems we have. Negative forcing functions reduce or block the flow of this Chi energy by distorting the body's energy field and this is what causes our problems so this is what I think causes specific gut problems. Negative forcing functions are "bad things that happened to us in this or past lives", "unresolved internal conflicts", "biological carry-overs from our ancestors (genetics)" and the attachment of foreign energies. The kinds of gut problems that people come to me for range from pain to constipation to diarrhea, to diseases of the stomach and intestines that have not been resolved by allopathic medicine, psychiatry or psychologists. A case in point.

     Terry, a 38-year-old female came to me with a long-time gut problem, which had been allopathically diagnosed as Crohn's Disease. Her life was hell with this condition. On an average day, she would have to make 20-40 trips to the bathroom and was passing blood in her stools. Most of these trips to the bathroom were emergency trips. She had from 5 - 30 seconds after she felt the urge to evacuate to make it to the toilet. Most of the time she could not make it in time and ended up dirtying herself. This caused her untold aggravation and embarrassment, led her to become a loner in her private life, and made it very difficult for her to hold down any kind of job because she had to carry a portable toilet with her and wear diapers. You can imagine what this did to her personal social life. She was afraid to go out on a date, eat in restaurants, or go to a movie or concert lest she have the terrible urge.

     She was also often in great pain when she had the urges to go. She had struggled with condition for many years seeing many doctors and psychologists and taking medicines to no apparent avail so she thought she would try hypnotherapy as a last resort. This is very often how I get clients. They try everything else and finally, when nothing else works, they come to me, in spite of my non-licensure disclaimer, and I usually can help them.

     Terry was a very good person and had a beautiful light in her and so she attracted demons to her who wanted to destroy her and her light. I found four demons in her intestines and removed them. She also had the earthbound spirit of a relative in her who died from colon cancer. I removed this spirit too. Attached Earthbound Spirits bring with them the energy of their deaths and the negative energies of their lives. They don't bring the disease, but do bring the energy of it to the person to whom they attach. Both demons and earthbound spirits get into us when our psychic defense system (Guardian Chi) goes down in periods of great stress just as our physical immune system does. I also installed, with a trigger, a safe place of tranquility and health in her subconscious mind that she could actuate with her trigger.

     A little, more than about a week later, I received the following message from her: "When I left your office last Tuesday I felt great. I was happy and excited, while feeling so much lighter, as if so many burdens had been lifted. I went to Fishbone, The Wood Grill restaurant and sat outside, at the furthest table from the restroom. I journaled and had a fantastic lunch. I never left the table. Then I went to the hotel room, got out the phone book and looked up the closest frozen yogurt joint, and I was off again....... for a dairy product. The trip was equally as exciting, and no bathroom trips, even while I was lost driving around. A week has now passed. I have been to the bathroom at work about 15 times IN A WEEK vs. a day, and none of the trips were emergencies. The past 2 days I actually ran an entire route without even once having the urge to go and today I ate a piece of food while on my route. I have used my "safe place" to get me out of the uncomfortable moments. You said go there 6 times per day, well the first two days I lived there. Now I am using it less, but the effect is lasting longer. I have continued to detox, in fact I lost 3 pounds this week just in bowel movements alone.

     So you see, I am experiencing phenomenal physical relief from our first session. Needless to say, I am so very anxious to come back in July and continue to work together and I will keep you posted as the weeks go by. I am taking it very easy for now, as I am out of my "crutch" meds for these fistulas. I am determined to rid myself of all this disease through hypnotherapy and prayer, then on to my own glory. I surely will spend the rest of my life giving back to the world in the form of healing, teaching, and inspiring others. Thank you, thank you Dr. Skillas"


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