Want To Live Well?
Then Get Yourself Fixed!

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

If you feel rotten in mind or body, you need to get fixed.
Your will to physically live or die exists at the root of your Subconscious Mind.

Life or death is directly tied to your Subconscious Mind’s fundamental need to create. If this need is frustrated, the Subconscious will kill the body. The will to live pushes the Subconscious to heal the physical body when it is injured or sick, but it does this only because it wants to continue to express its creative ability. If this expression is thwarted, then the will to live becomes the will to die. If this happens, the Subconscious may aggressively destroy the body through accident-proneness or by refusing to support the body against invading pathogens by turning off or attacking the immune system.

Subconscious Mind safeguards our physical life. It generates hunger pangs if food is required and exhibits preferences for the foods we need. In its protective role, it alerts us to survival threats -- or it can engender an environment favorable to illness and injury. Unless we have a strong desire to live, it will not try hard to keep us well. Unless we are positive about life, Subconscious Mind will not provide the energy to attain our goals. Subconscious Mind directly mirrors our will to live. If you hate life or are continuously unhappy, subconscious mind will see to it that you don’t have to live very long. If you have no positive dreams for your life, that is tantamount to rejecting life and you will die. Subconscious Mind won’t keep you around if you really don’t want to be here.

Subconscious Mind controls our physical body, but we can influence it. Consciously, we can command it to provide the energy we need to accomplish goals or to heal us if we are clear. Both of these commands require that we be passionate about life. The Subconscious is crazy about passion. With passion, you can get it to do almost anything. Without passion, no matter how much you might want something -- forget it. You won’t get it. To be passionate about life, you must feel good. To feel good, you must be clear.

Only our Subconscious Mind can heal us. There is no medicine, person or thing outside of us that does this. Through Subconscious Mind using Hypnotherapy, we can heal by clearing Subconscious Negative Forcing Functions and reprogramming positively. Entity attachments (one of the Negative Forcing Functions) must first be released and then the rest of the Subconscious can be cleared and reprogrammed for life instead of death. Then you feel good instead of rotten and live long and happily.



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