Remote: Genocide and African Witch Doctors

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Janet, aged 46 had a PhD in clinical psychology and went to Africa to study the effects of genocide on the society and the influence of African witch doctors in the genocide. Janet lived in the northeastern United States and after spending about three years in Africa doing the study; she returned to the United States and began to feel quite badly. Actually her malaise started the last couple of years she was in Africa. She had headaches, fatigue, aches and pains throughout her body which medical doctors diagnosed as fibromyalgia and a strange intense depression. She did not have these problems before she went to Africa. She asked if I could help her and I told her that I couldn't treat any of her conditions legally but that I would be glad to clear her energy remotely and we could hope that would make her feel better. She approved me doing the remote and this is what we discovered.

We found and released the heavy energy of 35 earthbound spirits (EB's) in both feet and the chakra underneath her feet. The EB's were distributed between her two feet. This was a group of EB's from the genocide.

We found and released a demonic energy named Wahina that was lodged in Janet's lower spine. This demon was parasitic and was draining Janet's light energy. It came upon Janet two years after she arrived in Africa and had been attracted by Janet's light. Janet's Guardian Chi (psychic defense system) was down because of fear created by Janet sensing something behind her. When one's Guardian Chi is down, foreign energies can attach to one. In this case the demon was thrown by a witch doctor (sorcerer) to someone else than Janet, but Janet being highly empathic and possessing a highly attractive light energy caught the energy instead and it attached to her. The witch doctor who is indigenous to Africa cast a spell to summon the demon and it went to Janet instead of to whom it had been consciously directed by the witch doctor. It was not a deliberate action on the part of the witch doctor to harm Janet, unlike others who we will come to later. I have found this sort of thing before where energy can go to the wrong person if the person's protection is down and they are highly empathic as Janet is. We actually found three other demons just like this one. In this realm, like energies attract like energies and the other three demons were attracted to the first demon, Wahina. The other three demons were located in Janet's solar plexus, heart and throat. The effect of all these demons sucking Janet's energy was to deplete her energy and cause her great fatigue.

We found and released 43 demons in her back from the seventh to the twelfth chakras. These demons were parasitic also and were not only sucking her light energy, but were preventing her from re-energizing her body and accessing divinity. They blocked any prayer Janet made for help. Their avowed purpose was to kill Janet. These demons were thrown to Janet by a 2nd witch doctor with deliberate purpose. The witch doctor feared Janet reducing his importance and cast the demon spell on Janet to sustain himself in his power with the people.

We found and released another opportunistic parasitic demon in Janet's 12th.chakra. This demon was also sucking her light energy.

After we cleared the back of Janet's seventh through twelfth chakras, she was still dark, so we had to peel further. We found and released 45 earthbound spirits who were of genocide. Janet's empathic nature and her Guardian Chi being down from fear allowed all these EB's to come into her. We spoke to Wubuto, a 35-year-old male who was in charge of the EB group. He said that soldiers came in and hacked him and most of the others in his village to death with swords. He and most of his family took refuge, but were found and killed. Wubuto had three wives and 16 children and all females were slaughtered. The soldiers captured his sons and took them to be soldiers in the army. Wubuto was attracted to Janet because he thought she could help them get their bodies back and so live again. We promised the EB's that they would get new bodies in the Light to which we sent them. He was very sad and brought that sadness to Janet. Earthbound spirits also bring the energies of their deaths and the negative energy of their lives to the one they attach to. This is a very large number of EB attachments and could easily, just by themselves, account for Janet's physical and emotional problems. These EB energies were concentrated in Janet's heart, lungs stomach and intestinal areas. Wahina and Wubuto are my phonetic spellings of the names I heard.

We did a Karmic clearing at Janet's eighth chakra. We cleared out all of her residual stagnant old energy that she had been attached to.

In the front of Janet's twelfth chakra, we found and released another layer of 18 demons that had been thrown there by a third witch doctor deliberately when Janet visited a genocide village. We could not find out why the witch doctor did this to Janet, but it may have been for the same reason as the other one. They could fear her usurping some of their power with their people.

We neutralized the two witch doctors that deliberately threw the dark energies onto Janet. We did nothing to the one that did not deliberately try to harm Janet. We then did a general clearing on Janet from her feet on up her body and found and released some residual stagnant energy from the two spells that had been placed on her by the witch doctors. We then placed a golden grid and reflective shield around her to protect her.

Janet began to feel better right away because of the massive amounts of bad energy that we took off her. I have been doing this work for many years and this case is one of the worst I ever encountered because of the sheer number of spirit attachments.


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